Canadian right wing more dangerous

Rafe Mair recaps the misdeeds of BC Liberals

A comment at The Tyee submitted by “immigrant” includes this wise observation:

“. . . Since moving here I’ve learned that the BC and Canadian right is less about uninformed whackos as in my former home in the US, and more about cold-hearted, steely-eyed men who know exactly what damage they’re doing. That’s far more dangerous.”

This is a fine example of what makes The Tyee so valuable. We get BC’s best political writing and almost unrestricted commentary by readers, much of it reasoned and precise.

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  1. What we have in Canada today is a kinder more gentler Corporatist/Fascist state under Campbell and Harper.

    No jackboots in the night or marching drum corps with large colorful banners, the new order that is running our province and country have bought off the media, no “nacht und nebel” here.

    Everyone has a price, well not everyone, Rafe Mair was fired on the orders of Campbell, for he feared Rafe's knowledge of Campbell's past and his Fascist Liberal doctrine. That the mainstream media bought into the 'sprinkles' nonsense only illustrates how inept they are. Bill Boring, a latter day Quisling just needed vague promises of rewards to keep him on the Fascist track.

    The Corporatist/Fascist state is here to stay – well until the economy melts down completely.

    Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.

    Benito Mussolini


  2. A decade, perhaps only five years ago, I would have considered Evil Eye's comments to be overstated. Not today. The word 'Fascist' may be problematic through overuse and imprecision but there are two words that do describe our political system: corporatocracy and plutocracy.

    It is difficult to argue that our system operates with any regard for democratic equality. It is easy to argue that it benefits the very rich and the mega-corporations.


  3. A decade or five years ago I would not have wrote such a tome.

    I firmly believe in the old adage, “those who do not study history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.”

    I read history and I see history repeating itself, but not in Europe, but in Canada and the USA, which were once thought of bastions of democracy, but no more.

    The American fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact. Their newspapers and propaganda carefully cultivate every fissure of disunity, every crack in the common front against fascism.

    Henry A. Wallace


  4. While I agree that the right wing are vicious and clever (not intelligent, merely clever), the left isn't squeaky clean either. Corruption in Canada is rampant — along all sides of the spectrum — and I save my rath for the media. The media should be the check and balance between power and the people. Now, it's just a grubby little “enforcer” of the whims of those in power.

    The media is corruption's enabler.

    Check out this article by CBC's Executive News Editor proclaiming that the Murdoch scandal could never happen here:

    The best thing about the article is the flood of comments disagreeing with the writer. They are mocking, even scathing.

    The reader comments are the real indictment of the true state of Canadian mainstream media. And, just because the CBC posted comments decrying their article, this is not an indication that CBC is open and honest. I had just had a posting of mine to another CBC story blocked and it wasn't defamatory or rude or in any way contrary to the rules. They just don't want to give air to this story (which has been published by other media, so has been deemed suitable for publication.)

    This CBC News editor (the writer of this article) is shockingly inept in her effort to sway the reader with an assertion of the CBC's high professional standards. It is to laugh as they used to say.


  5. The American flakes are the apparent face of right-wing social adjustment, but they are not the puppetmasters or the masters of the puppetmasters. Those actually running the game are invisible and their only psychosis is rampant, narcissist rapacity.


  6. When a newspaper in Australia prints, how badly democracy is eroded in Canada…Canadians had better sit up and take notice. We are living in a dictatorship.

    When Harper had Guelph University stormed, to stop the students from voting, even trying to steal the ballot boxes?? To me that does seem like a fascist, dictatorship behavior. Where in the hell does Harper get off, pulling a stunt like that? Canada is supposed to be a free country, that is, it was before Harper came along.

    Our Constitution is ignored. Our Civil Rights and Freedom, have been taken away from Canadians. Democracy and Freedom, is buried under a ton of corruption.

    The media are just a propaganda machine, that spreads governments and politicians lies. The media are an, absolute, disgrace to their professions. Shame on them.


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