Oh Canada !

Section 2(b) of the Charter states that “Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: … freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.”

Everyone, that is, except for federal scientists, whose work is financed by taxpayers.

Ottawa silences scientist over west coast salmon study, from the Vancouver Sun, July 26, 2011:

“. . . Natural Resources Canada scientist Scott Dallimore had to wait for “pre-clearance” from political staff in the minister’s office in Ottawa to speak about a study on a colossal flood that swept across northern Canada at the end of the last ice age.

“Researchers, who used to be free to discuss their science, are now required to follow a process that includes “media lines” approved by communications officers, strategists and ministerial staff in Ottawa. They vet media requests, demand reporters’ questions in advance and decide when and if researchers can give interviews. . . “

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  1. To think Ottawa is only being secretive about the wild salmon study is being completely naive.

    What does it say when a government employs convicted felons – regardless of education and academic backround.

    Harper has some real doozies working for him – this should be setting off all sorts of alarms.

    Just maybe the secrecy of the DFO study and results will make the world take a looooong hard look at the integrity of Stephen Harper and his newly appointed High Comissioner to Great Britain – the DISGRACED former premier of BC, Gordon Campbell who fell from grace due to his own dishonesty.

    Points to ponder and wonder what the heck is happening ????

    Thank you


  2. Harper is a, paranoid dictator. Of course he will muzzle scientist, to keep them from publishing their results.

    Harper supports the dirtiest energy on the planet. He wants Canada to become a, super huge energy giant. Harper wants to bask in his glory. Well, citizens are ashamed of Harper. There now are very few country's, that don't see through him. Harper is being laughed at, behind his back. He is called, a petty gasbag. He does nothing but embarrass Canadian citizens. Harper has totally destroyed Canada's image, by his stupidity, arrogance and his being, too stubborn to work with. Harper has also been called, Putin's clone.


  3. Campbell did a lot of dirty work for Harper. Our P.M. was drooling at the mouth, he so badly wanted BC's HST. Campbell, Hansen and Harper, illegally forced the HST onto the BC people.

    Harper and Campbell will also force the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers onto the BC province and the people. They will also force, oil and gas wells, to be drilled off BC's coast. Harper also left the back door open, for the expansion of Prosperity Mine. The expansion, can be reapplied for.

    Campbell's reward for his dirty work, is the cushy job. as High Commissioner to England. One of Campbell's job, is to bring, the dirty tar sands oil to England. The Brits have demonstrated, against the filthy crud, at the office of the High Commissioner. England broke her word, to the European country's. They had banned, the dirty oil. The Brits will not welcome Campbell, they don't take the crap from their government, the way Canadians do. Nor are their paparazzi bought off. I am very happy, Campbell and Harper's dirty deeds have gone to England, including Campbell's drunk mug shots.

    So then, BC will have dirty oil tankers from, China, England and the U.S. In the most treacherous seas in the world. There has been, another rash of pipeline bursts as well.

    Harper had some, really low life criminals working for him. So it's not surprising, he would associate himself with, a criminal such as Campbell. They really compliment each other.


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