Message from Alexandra Morton

Dear Wild Salmon People:

This article below tells us where the problem with our wild salmon comes from…. deep within Ottawa.  This bad and wrong for us and for future generations.

Justice Cohen, Dr. Miller, myself and others need you to show up to witness the Aquaculture Hearings at the Cohen Commission in late August and early September.  Wild salmon are politically inconvenient, forcing the politicians in power to bite the hands that feed them because they need free-flowing rivers, lakes, rivers, streams and an ocean free of oil slicks, toxic algae and gender bending chemicals, and trees on the mountainsides. Salmon need the same thing we need.  When 100 of uspaddled the lower Fraser and were joined by 100s more to walk in the pouring rain to the opening of the inquiry to ask Justice Cohen to release the fish farm disease records we succeeded.  No judge or government has done this anywhere else in the world despite many fighting salmon feedlots worldwide.

And now unless the salmon people stand by those of us in there fighting, we will be silenced too.  We are powerless without you.

The hearings are in Vancouver across from the Vancouver Art Gallery 

See also for events

Thank all of you who have sent funds, you are keeping this movement alive.

Hope to see you Justice Cohen needs to know this matters.


Ottawa silences scientist over West Coast salmon study

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