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Brought to us by world’s highest paid ferry management

CBC News, BC Ferries losses rise as passengers dwindle:

B.C. Ferries says passenger levels are dropping to 20-year lows and the corporation is predicting it will lose more than expected this year.

The number of people riding the ferries is down 3.7 per cent from 2010, and the number of vehicles has fallen 4.2 per cent from the previous year – the lowest level in 11 years — ferry officials have confirmed.

The 2011/10 annual report issued in March forecast that the ferry company would lose about $20 million at the end of the current fiscal year.

Just one month ago, the Ferry Corp. reminded all that,

Queen of Quathiaski Cove

…the Board re-negotiated Mr. Hahn’s employment contract to 2013 including increases to performance based compensation and pension entitlements to reflect this progress to date in renewing and re-structuring the corporation. . .

BC Ferries is now a world leader in ferry transportation and more improvements are on the way. Mr. Hahn and his management associates are developing alternative vessels for shorter coastal routes. These employ fuel efficient propulsion systems that cause no prop wash damages and operate quietly, meaning customers will better enjoy the natural landscape.

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  1. Thanks for putting up the photograph depicting Herr Hahn's ferry fleet – or at least, the one that he is qualified to manage !!

    There is no question increased fares and charges contribute to the drop off in vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Granted these are not the best of economic times – but when people choose not to use the ferries and make other arrangements, the writing is on the wall.

    People are just plain fed up with the continual increases of fares to inflate, what appears to be Hahn's grotesquely fat salary – for no good reason. Let's face it, the ferries ran well – mostly on time and frequently, long before Canada had to suffer Hahn's arrogant and conceited presence.

    Maybe Chrissy Clark can cut his salary by 75% as a “families first” initiative and start a trend to doing something good for British Columbia and it's citizens.



  2. Strangely, the BC Liberals can lie and force any number taxes onto the BC people. When the citizens don't agree, too dam bad. But, The BC Liberals, can't say, too damn bad to Hahn, and fire him, or lay him off. We the tax payers, can't afford him. Why don't the BC Liberals lie to Hahn as they do to the people? Hahn has done a terrible job, on the BC Ferries. Why should the tax payers, have to feed that greedy useless jerk? He isn't worth a thin dime. However, neither was Campbell, but, he thieved a $60.000 per year salary hike anyway.

    BC has been steadily going downhill, for over ten long, dreary years now. The Campbell/Christy, BC Liberal government have thieved so much from the province and the citizens, it takes every cent we have to live on. We can't afford ferry fees. The people can't afford, the gasoline price gouging. We can't afford the supermarkets price gouging. We can't afford the HST. How will we be able to cope with the, hydro price gouging?

    BC citizens are spending billions shopping in the U.S., and Alberta. BC is losing a, huge amount of revenue. That's why we know, the HST was a scam by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper to thieve our money, to give to big business. None of my relatives or friends will visit me, because of the outrageous gas prices, and the HST.

    All the HST has done is, kill this province and the people. You would have to be, as brain dead as Martyn Brown, to not see the utter devastation the HST has wrought.

    Christy as leader, had the opportunity to straighten up, the horrendous mess Campbell made. Our BC HST doesn't even stay in BC, it goes to the other snake in the grass, Campbell's best buddy, Harper. BC is a province of natural resources. The HST does nothing for the citizens, what-so-ever.

    Big businesses, are bottomless pits of greed. The HST has given them easy accounting, and saving them, tons of money. Let them pay the money they have saved, by bumping up their taxes, for a change. Can you just imagine the squealing?

    The BC Ferries, will just have to bankrupt. No-one can afford to use them. Tourism has absolutely failed in BC. The every day people, can't afford to vacation here. Everyone is going to the U.S. instead.


  3. I think that taking into consideration his efforts to make this a world class ferry corporation and his management skills, mr. Hahn SHOULD BE FIRED. No pension, no compensation. He has ridden this corporation into the ground.
    Don't you agree.


  4. My continuing arguments here is that the ferry corporation is not anywhere near as well managed as its management claims. The self serving coterie in charge has worked to ensure they are well reward but almost every other employee category has been severely squeezed in recent years. I believe the drop in passengers has led to under-manning and below standard maintenance. I don't argue with Hahn's qualifications but he is not worth 8 times more than the CEO of Washington State Ferries nor are his underlings worth salaries at the present rates. Look also at the rates for the operators of Stena's ferry units and excessive compensation seems obvious.

    Hahn has provided no magic as CEO of the ferry operation but he does not deserve discharge without retirerment pension. (Nor could this be taken away without cause.)

    I would sure as hell fire the self-appointed Board of Directors that let this zoo manage itself.


  5. Has anyone else heard that the reduction in ferry users is not because of the high price of fares? This is so laughable that I don't know where to begin. Mr.Hahn could never feel the high cost of a fare, even if he were to use a ferry for travel. How could he possibly relate to an average user? He much prefers to blame the economy, than to do his job.


  6. Anonymous 3:52, as I understand it, Hahn and his executive suite buddies – and their entire families – get unlimited passes to board the ferries without payment. They probably get to use the private cabins too – for their safety and security.


  7. Aren't Michael Walker,Phil Hochstein,Palmer,Smyth,and Baldrey always telling us that in order to get the best of the best we have to pay outrageous salaries and benefits? I don't have the stats but it seems that every time I listen to a traffic report on our MSM they're always reporting that “Queen of such and such” or “Queen of so and so” have been taken out of service.I never recall that happening when BC Ferries was a crown corporation. And aren't Hahn and Baldrey golfing buddies? Kinda wonder why there's never any reference to Hahn that might be perceived as unkind in any of Baldrey's writings. We've suffered ten long years of incompetence, greed and stupidity at the hands of these clowns.It's time to give this government the pink slip.


  8. Over 70% of the BC Ferry traffic is from local traffic.
    So I would think DH needs to market to their biggest customer base and not blame the US dollar for the drop in traffic.
    If they are going to continue to run the ferries and burn all that fuel wouldn't it make sense to try and load them up with some passengers rather than sail half empty and burning fuel just taking the ferry back and forth?


  9. Why would Americans pay outragious BC Ferry fares when they can travel with their Washington State Ferry's for half as much. One goes to Anacortes and the other to Port Angelas too and from Victoria. That's downtown Victoria.


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