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  1. Norman, you are spot on.
    I have said for about the last 3 years, that I am getting tired, I really don't care any more about the corruption and injustice that we in B.C. wallow in……………
    But the sentiment is really that I am fighting the good fight for our children and there children, and we must never ever give an inch.
    We OWE it to those that follow, long after we are gone.
    Good on ya Norman! You will leave a legacy of having made the world a better place………..
    It's the very least we can do.



  2. I want this for my own Jade and Joshua, but I suspect that, while we have a personal and pressing justification for looking for the common good, we also do it for everyone else, I for your grandchildren, and your children and anyone who has ever been a child, including those most odious opponents of ours in this most gracious and forgiving enterprise. Mostly, I want everyone to feel included, to have opportunity, to see possibility and connection without the fear that accompanies deprivation, both material and spiritual. I want to be generous, but not self-destructive, and a good part of my anger is that I feel that any generosity I exercise will simply be swallowed up in the maw of greed. I have come to love this site, and your connection with your grandkids drops another load of mortar on the project.


  3. That's what keeps us all going, our children and our grandchildren.

    We have to fight for, the 131,000 BC children living in poverty. They don't even have enough to eat. They are even too hungry to do their school work. They will have no future at all.

    Campbell is entirely to blame, for the destruction of BC. His ministers should also share that blame. They didn't so much as, raise a finger to stop Campbell's insanity.

    Campbell preferred to work for the other monster, Harper the Christian. Harper is doing to Canada, what he and Campbell did to BC.

    Has one BC politician offered to take a reduction in salary, until the recession ends? Can you imagine their squealing, if they had to share their citizens misery? That, I would pay to see.

    There should have also been a freeze, and a roll back on prices. Price gouging is rampant in BC. Citizens have spent billions, shopping in BC and Alberta. And, the idiot BC Liberals, still have the gall to say, how wonderfully well, the HST has benefited BC and the citizens. BC is a province of natural resources. The HST does squat for the people, and never will. The HST was just a scam by, Harper, Campbell and Hansen, to thieve from the people, to line Harper's coffers. Harper is desperate to build up his war machine.

    Also, big businesses, are bottomless pits of greed. They demanded the HST. The HST has killed BC. This province is going to crash.

    Everything of value in BC has been thieved. We own none of our resources, hundreds of mines. Our oil and gas fields, our timber, everything all gone. Campbell thieved and sold our assets of, the BCR and our rivers. Our wild salmon are dying off. BC's clean drinking water, will go private too.

    They all wonder why people riot. The citizens of the world are, fed up with corrupt, thieving politicians. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. I feel like, we are sitting on a powder keg.


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