Looking beyond deception

In a preceding entry, I linked to a Times Colonist article by Jim Sinclair, President of the BC Federation of Labour. The way it was presented online, I didn’t immediately realize this was an op-ed by BC’s long serving labour leader, not an opinion column by a TC staffer with the same name.

I still applaud the newspaper for publishing the item but it is too bad TC’s editorial staff hadn’t written this or something like it. That would have indicated someone knew how to look beyond self serving political BS, which is nearly always part of this government’s grand narrative.

Sinclair did the job that professional journalists should have done. Readers might claim his scepticism over the 2011 BC Hydro review demonstrates partisan bias but facts support Sinclair’s conclusions. I am certain that Postmedia’s lack of scepticism in describing the Liberal’s BC Hydro position proves the company’s partisan bias. Postmedia’s major dailies have been blind to facts that are widely known, facts that diminish conclusions of the deputy minister panel.

Sean Holman gave an example of the review panel’s intellectual dishonesty when they claimed Hydro’s communication staff was excessive:

“This appears high,” wrote Christy Clark’s loyal civil servants. But what they failed to mention is that about 50 of BC Hydro’s communications staff are summer students who promote the corporation’s power conservation programs at community events and trade shows.

The panel played loose with employment statistics when they claimed that Hydro’s workforce had grown inappropriately. A more accurate view is that growth resulted from an enlarged network of customers and from moves to resolve failures of previous Liberal initiatives. That required reintegration of BC Transmission Corp and repatriation of purchasing and procurement jobs from Accenture.

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