Is it still bigger, better and largely empty? – updated

Global TV is reporting that Vancouver tourism is down slightly in 2011 but says,

“It might have been much worse if not for the new convention center.”

Is that good news? It might not be because if the opposite were true, Global wouldn’t tell you anyway.

Let’s look at the Convention Centre bookings for 2012 as listed on the facility website August 26. Then, we should consider if the billion dollar addition (West Building) to existing facilities (East Building) really made sense.

January, 2012

West Building | January 18-20 | The Know? Show, a semi-annual sales and networking tool catering to Canada’s lifestyle fashion and action sports retailers.

West Building | January 22 -23 | Resource Investment Conference by Cambridge House, Vancouver based resource conference producer. 

February, 2012

West Building | February 23 | Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Annual Symphony Lovers’ Ball

March, 2012

East Building | March 1 | Study and Go Abroad Fair

March 3-4 | Vancouver Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show

West Building | March 8-10 | Pacific Dental Conference

March 11-15 | WorldMUN 2012, an annual traveling Model United Nations conference for college students run by Harvard undergraduates

East Building | March 14 – 16 | Globe Foundation, a Vancouver-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding solutions to environmental problems.

April, 2012

April 20-22 | Canadian Health Food Association Expo West

May, 2012

No events scheduled

June, 2012

No events scheduled

July, 2012

July 24-28 | Congress in Veterinary Dermatology

East Building | July 29 – August 2 | Congress on Animal Reproduction

August, 2012

August 11 – 14 | Canadian Bar Association

September, 2012

No events scheduled

October, 2012

No events scheduled

November, 2012

West Building | November 7 – 8 | Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating Exhibition

December, 2012

No events scheduled

Quite an economic engine for the city, is it not. A few minor international events and one national gathering in two immense and costly structures. At this point, over 300 days of 2012 are not booked in both Western and Eastern buildings. Strange, because a tenet of convention organizing is book early. Most major events are scheduled years, not months, in advance.

We have indications of a giant failure in the Vancouver Convention Centre yet Pavco’s CEO and the Convention General Manager each earned six-figure bonuses in fiscal 2011.

Read Northern Insight’s 2010 look at the Convention Centre booking schedule:

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  1. You're right Norm…. where are the big international conventions ? How good would it look for an American ( or any Country ) Association to plan a big convention in Canada ?
    The convention centre is home to local groups and office meetings. These people are not spending the big dollars that used to be common with huge conventions. It would be interesting to get a total amount ( all expenses ) the Liberals have spent on meeting hall ?

    Guy in Victoria


  2. Canada is no longer, thought a good country. Canada's image is in tatters, all around the globe

    The media in Australia has said, how badly democracy in Canada has eroded. Harper has lost our seat, in the U.N. Harper embarrassed Canadians in Copenhagen. At every meetings of the nations, Harper always manages to anger every country attending. He has been called, a petty gasbag, arrogant, stubborn and impossible to work with. Europe has no use for Harper. He lied to Europe, trying to pass the dirty tar sands oil, as clean energy. Worst of all. Harper is sending, the worst, most despised, corrupt, individual in this country, to England as High Commissioner.

    Harper is doing to Canada, what Campbell did to BC. Neither one of them have any ethics or morals. Both of them have dirty political records. I'm afraid the nations around the world, no longer like Canada. Our friends are now, Equador, Columbia and other corrupt S.A. country's. BC is known as, the most corrupt province in Canada.

    Would you book a convention in Vancouver? Everything costs double in BC, compared to the other convention sites across Canada.


  3. With the US economy in the tank and the ease of video conferences, the day of the big corporate convention is dead. Another dated relic brought to us by Gordon Campbell and his political party of throw-backs.

    Gordon Campbell, the paragon of 18th century politics.


  4. The convention center, is just as stupid as, Harper's billion dollar fake lake. How about the stupid, “smart meters”. Another asinine waste of money.

    AND, politicians whine and snivel about money. Ohhh the HST will have to be paid back, the money that was thieved from the BC people by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper. Well, we want the 3 years of HST, payed back to us.


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