Political action at the grass roots

Inside the Russell Pearce recall, Amy McMullen, Salon.com

A good read about citizen-activists organizing to make Russell Pearce, President of the Arizona Senate, the first state legislator in Arizona history removed from office via a recall election.

“From his harsh anti-immigrant law SB 1070 to his plans to slash welfare services, healthcare and education to the support he eagerly accepted from wealthy interest groups like private prison corporations, Pearce struck me as an ugly bully up to his neck in dirty politics.

“The fact that he included a famous neo-Nazi among his former pals and had sent around blatantly anti-Semitic emails to his constituents didn’t endear him to me either. As the newly elected president of what he proudly proclaimed to be the “Tea Party Senate,” with a supermajority of far right-leaning Republicans, it was no secret that he planned to use his unfettered power to further an agenda guaranteed to make our state not only poorer but also even more of a national poster child for xenophobia and covert racism than it already was…”

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  1. Is not Harper a Neo-Nazi? He was a reformer and founded the Northern Foundation. The skinheads assisted Harper to organize his party. This was in 1989. The first thing Harper had to do was, put a muzzle on the media.

    Other country's media has said, how badly Harper is destroying the peoples Democracy and Freedom in Canada. Where are our Civil Rights and Liberties? Harper and his favorite henchman Campbell, forced the HST onto us without representation. That money was stolen from the BC people, for big business and Harper. The pair of them, used some very dirty tactics, to do so.

    Don't think Harper and Campbell aren't as low and as evil as Pearce, because they are and worse.


  2. Did anyone happen to see 60 Minutes program last night??

    Congressmen/Senators can legally participate in insider trading unlike outsiders who would be and are jailed. They act on non-public information; i.e. knowledge of Bills to be passed affecting market values.

    Some RECALLS definitely needed here; or at the very least the ending of this practice. It's shameful!


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