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‘Run of River’ – deceitful marketing term

First published February 23, 2011

Pictures From Tyson Creek, a tributary of the Tzoonie River at the head of Narrows Inlet about 20 miles from Sechelt. Learn more about this project at Sunshine Coast Conservation Association. Some of their concerns:

  • IPP proponents are not obligated to respect Landscape Unit Plans, Old Growth Management Areas, Wildlife Habitat Areas, or other environmental features.
  • The IPP approval process does not consider or limit the cumulative impact of numerous proposed or existing IPPs, neither does it consider the cumulative impacts of other resource uses (such as forestry) on the potentially affected watersheds.
  • The Stl’ixwim project is large enough to qualify for a provincial environmental assessment. However, this process is scientifically superficial. For example; the proposed time frame for the assessment is eight months; not enough time to even establish or verify flow regimes for the 19 tributaries that will be diverted.
  • The public’s most significant environmental asset in the Tzoonie watershed is the large (and potentially much larger) fish population. An 8-month impact assessment time frame is entirely insufficient to determine long term impacts to the fish populations. For example; how will all these dams, diversions, spoilage areas and transmission corridors affect water temperatures and nutrient cycles with in the Tzoonie’s ecosystems?




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  1. These are great photos Norm, I don't recall seeing anything like this on Global TV News Hour! The pipes in those tunnels make short work of draining the alpine lakes by 20 meters (yes, 60 feet) or more. These lakes are actually dammed by concrete dams 5 meters high.

    I don't know how Colin Hansen can say these are small projects. My personal opinion is he has been duped just like us, maybe Barry Penner and Blair Leckstrom have also been duped. You are right, the term Run of River is misleading. I note the BCLC mentioned they were going to use the term “Gambling” instead of “Gaming” to be more accurate….the same thinking should be used here.

    Tyson Lake had a big problem with silt a while back…the DFO were called many times, but an FOI request shows only one actual site visit over quite a long period of time, though there were lots of site visits by environmental consultants hired by the power company.


  2. Excellent piece Norm. This is brilliant blogging, solid nuggets of information coupled with killer photos. Brilliant.

    I'm sending this link far and wide.


  3. But, if Hansen was duped, why did he go along with Campbell? The BC people were duped, by Campbell. We are madder than hell. Hansen supported Campbell in all of his insanity., Hansen had to know what eco damage, the run of the rivers would do. If we could see it, so could Hansen. There is no way, you can alter a river, and not expect damage. Campbell and Hansen's, HST not on their radar, was an election lie, along with the smallest provincial deficit, while the rest of the world crashed. Campbell and Hansen both knew, the HST would kill the people in this province. They designed the HST for big business. Campbell's BCR scam, blamed on the two patsies. I don't buy that either. The run of the rivers, is going to cause so much damage, there will be a, terrible price to pay, down the road. Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, have done the most damage to this province, than any other party in Canadian history.


  4. This example of black is white, up is down etc. was discussed at some length back in December of 2009 at WaterWalk and House of Infamy, with just two pics to illustrate the fantasy vs. the reality.

    Gordo's Fantasy……vs the Real World

    “The idyllic image above is the way Lord Gord and his legions of minions at the Public Affairs Bureau would like to cultivate in the minds of the electorate about their Independent Power Production greed green initiative for British Columbians. The stream is hardly disturbed, and merrily grinds flour for the miller as almost an afterthought to the stream and the fish that live in the stream. However………this rustic dream is actually more of a nightmare.”

    the rest is at:


    It seems that we have chased AXOR back to Quebec and New York, so now we just have to put the ki-bosh to Jumbo and Glacier Creek will be safe for the fishies and grizzlies.


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