Yes minister, BC edition

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis star in BBC Radio 4 program “The Now Show.” It is British oriented political satire and one of my favourites. You can listen to current programs on the BBC IPlayer or download programs by podcast. This is one of the features of the weekly podcast, Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4.

This hilarious sample explains why it is that no BC Liberal cabinet ministers knew about the $6-million Basi/Virk payoff:

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  1. The BC Liberals would be happy to have us think no Liberal cabinet minister knew about the Basi/Virk payoff, even if it meant the hilarious portrayal in the clip applied to them. But the evidence is that while it applies to some of them, it doesn’t apply to all. What does apply to all of them in my opinion is the self-assessment of the minister that they’re all a bunch of cowardly, self-interested bastards.

    Because they all know now, (unless they are completely without any self-respect and are afraid to ask their master) and none of them are honoring the public’s right to know.


  2. Agreed. This situation is truly a defining one. There seems not to be one single member of the BC Liberal Party interested in proving their own story true or, if it is not, revealing the real one. These people are moral equivalents of Joe Paterno and the Penn State administrators who knew about wrongdoing but ignored it because they wished to protect the group's reputation.


  3. The Thought of The Night

    “I'm really glad I came across this little skit, as a matter of fact I'm pretty sure, subconsciously I don't want to know I know about it, there being a possibility for me to say something inappropriate to one unnamed Premier, that doesn't really need to know, that I know that this little skit exists…”

    Thanks, that “Yes, Minister” was a lovely piece of comedy/ satire.

    We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.


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