Where the money goes – ICBC top 50 – 2010

 Salary   Expense   Total 
1 SCHUBERT, Jon President & CEO   449,201      55,570   504,771
2 KIRKNER, Art V-P, Field Services   315,824    188,681   504,505
3 PRIOR, Geri  Chief Financial Officer   461,710        7,839   469,549
4 HORTON, Craig Senior V-P, Claims   406,379      12,633   419,012
5 POSYNIAK, Len V-P, Human Resources   348,021      40,751   388,772
6 WING, Donnie Senior V-P, Corporate Affairs   371,382      12,334   383,716
7 EDDIN, Sheila Chief Business Transformation Officer   358,454      16,588   375,042
8 MINOGUE, Camille Chief Actuary   355,701      13,594   369,295
9 HESS, Fred V-P, Driver Licensing    319,127      12,510   331,637
10 CHAUDHRY, Anwar Corporate Controller   319,609        5,994   325,603
11 JARVIS, Brian V-P, Claims   311,707      12,885   324,592
12 IRWIN, Kellee V-P, Personal Insurance   289,082      27,821   316,903
13 STEWART, Keith Chief Information Officer   312,441        1,064   313,505
14 SCHULZ, Jeff Chief Customer & Marketing Officer   292,533      20,020   312,553
15 BROWN, Cindy V-P, Communications   276,616      22,534   299,150
16 CARLE S.M   280,752        3,534   284,286
17 O’BRIEN T.    268,070        8,694   276,764
18 GOVETT D.   266,976        8,577   275,553
19 OUELLETTE G.M.   255,022      17,859   272,881
20 LEE R   229,909      36,753   266,662
21 BEAULIEU A   253,860        9,183   263,043
22 PHILLIPS MA.   222,143      26,868   249,011
23 TEMPLE F.J.   233,105      10,257   243,362
24 CHICOINE M.W.   210,632      21,115   231,747
25 CRAVER S.A   213,671      15,701   229,372
26 MILLER S.    225,390        3,364   228,754
27 TYLLER G.   219,416        7,659   227,075
28 JIMENEZ N   211,462      15,287   226,749
29 MOLSTAD L.J   220,686        5,335   226,021
30 PARSLOW K.   220,445        4,891   225,336
31 DORAN A.   221,623        3,047   224,670
32 SHAW I   204,785      18,090   222,875
33 STONNELL B.    214,686        7,857   222,543
34 PYLMAN H.   209,270      13,195   222,465
35 THOMSON K.B   214,899        7,549   222,448
36 TARASUK J   211,096        8,865   219,961
37 BEAQUE C   205,623      13,707   219,330
38 RUSSELL S   213,195        5,904   219,099
39 MICELI M   206,566      11,901   218,467
40 GORCHYNSKI D.K   211,207        6,929   218,136
41 LEONG P.   213,461        4,360   217,821
42 NELSON M.   202,081      14,457   216,538
43 DICKINSON J.   200,463      14,793   215,256
44 DUBE D.M.   211,481        2,959   214,440
45 JOHNSTONE D.M   208,721        5,395   214,116
46 NOVAK E   196,618      17,291   213,909
47 MCGINNIS J.C.   205,201        7,858   213,059
48 LUCAS S   208,285        4,472   212,757
49 MORTON C.A   202,352      10,008   212,360
50 HANCOCK M.   207,277        4,748   212,025

The figures shown above were taken from ICBC “Statements and Schedules of Financial Information.” The numbers are incomplete and may not include all compensation, particularly when an employee has been on paid leave, salary continuance or is receiving severance pay. For example, Keith Stewart, who left his position January 13, 2010, is reported in the 2010 Executive Compensation Disclosure Statement to have total compensation of $498,764 as shown here:

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  1. Disgusting. Why is there 50 “excluded” costing us over 13 MILLION DOLLARS! It's time to get rid of the majority of the top. Unbelievable.


  2. Remember that the Campbell/Clark crime family plundered the ICBC reserve to the tune of more than $700,000,000 and dumped it into general revenue. Without that, the deficit would be 4 Billion instead of 3 Billion.

    Ray Blessin


  3. Well Norm you've pretty well proven that BC Hydro, ICBC and BC Ferries are full of BC Liberal Cronies whom are money junkies and in the case of BC Hydro and ICBC they are just cash cows to be milked dry by the BC Liberals because of their disasterous fiscal policies (or lack there of) of the last 10 years. Keep up the good work fo exposing these scoundrels as the the electorate is waking up to the rampant corruption that is the BC Liberal Party


  4. I don't think it's the front end office staff and adjusters pulling in the big wages. Even at 25/hr they're making 42,000 minus taxes, deductions, 30. would be 50,400 minus taxes and deductions, but I don't think too many are making that. And their pension, etc. is nothing to what the top 50 will receive, or even the 150,000 plus will receive.


  5. Did not ICBC have a huge surplus, that Campbell thieved? Like $778 million dollars.

    The BC people, are now being forced to pay ICBC back, for the money Campbell thieved. Sort of like, the tax payers money that was thieved to pay the legal fees, for the two patsies that took the fall for, Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. We paid Campbell for stealing from us. Campbell also thieved a, $60,000 per year salary hike, for his useless thieving self.

    Same as Harper forcing the BC people to pay back the HST money, that he and Campbell thieved from us. An illegal tax, without representation.

    ICBC's outrageous salary's are obscene. Just like the BC Ferries salary's, gold plated payouts and pensions. It is not the fault of the citizens, that ICBC squandered our money on themselves and Campbell. The gall of forcing citizens to pay 11% if they don't take out extra insurance. 3% if we do. What kind of extortion is ICBC pulling on the people?

    The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, sit there with their fingers up their noses, while every mode of transportation is being thieved from. Really good for, Christy's family's first. Out and out b.s.


  6. KIRKNER, Art V-P, Field Services: Hired by Horton from New Jersey. Expenses $188,681.
    That is why his expenses are so high.
    HORTON, T. Craig was also hired from the US. He is from California and Washington DC. He use to run USAA which is a Military based US insurance Company.


  7. Norm, you attend as “court reporter” and videographer…I walk in off the street and go head to head with one of the above mentioned in an interview for an upcoming opening …the only condition is no weight put on previous experience in similar positions…the interview and subsequent evaluation to be based on each of us articulating how we would accomplish the required duties. If I do half as good as my competition, I will settle for half the wage.


  8. I guess incentives at ICBC are based on doing better than the competition. That is a mighty struggle, requiring the best and the brightest executives or at least people who think they are the best and the brightest.


  9. I work as a Private Investigator in BC. ICBC's bodily injury claims have risen from $100 million dollars to $350 million dollars in the past 3 years since ICBC STOPPED INVESTIGATING claims. The brain trust decided that it's cheaper to pay out fraudulent claims than investigate them. As a result, taxpayers will continue to pay rate increases while ICBC ignores their MANDATE to investigate fraudulent claims. The PI industry has been devastated by the loss of work, to the detriment of the taxpayer.


  10. The names may have changed, doesn’t matter. Clean up ICBC and start at the top. How many managers (CEO, COO, VP’s, CFO’s etc does one corp/co. need?). Time for pay reductions to those who remain in these top positions after the cull.

    Front liners who actually deal with the people have had their positions slashed and earnings curtailed for years, licensing offices closed all over ever since the liberals came to power. Time to cleanse the corporation and downsize management jobs. Time to stop raiding our insurance premiums.

    “Campbell required ICBC to keep much higher amounts of backup capital. The resulting stockpile proved irresistible to politicians in 2010 following the global financial meltdown, critics say, when the government began siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars of “excess capital” almost every year.

    In all, the Liberals withdrew $1.2 billion from the lucrative optional side of ICBC’s business, and also transferred $1.4 billion to offset deficits on the compulsory side providing basic coverage beginning in 2012.”

    There is no excuse for the above. It’s obvious I’m paying way too much for insurance. I don’t mind paying my fair share, but not to fill government’s general revenue with. I have the 40% savings, and each year my insurance continues to rise just to cover government revenue? Enough. This year it was over 150. STOP this insanity.

    Time to investigate the fraud, go after those who should be paying more with poor driving habits (points) etc.


    In as much as all the above, there may be more crashes etc., but the fact is, there are more cars, and the population driving has increased, which also leads to more premiums being collected. This occurs continuously over the years which means money keeps going in. As with a previous post, quit raiding the funds that we’ve been paying to put in to “General Revenue” for the government. This is not what I pay premiums for. Enough raiding!


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