Future of wild salmon depends on volunteers

Alexandra Morton:

“…If the leaked document really says 100% of one run of Fraser sockeye tested positive for ISA virus, we have two very big problems. One, Justice Cohen instructed DFO to provide all documents relevant to the health of the Fraser sockeye and this was not one of them.

“Two, it means we are repeatedly finding this virus in wild salmon stocks that are mysteriously vanishing, such as Rivers Inlet sockeye and salmon dying of unknown causes just before spawning.

“If it is true that Fisheries and Oceans withheld information about a virus known to have spread everywhere Atlantic salmon are being farmed I think…

“I want to thank ALL of you for your comments and donations and to the dedicated volunteers out in freezing weather who continue to take the highest quality possible samples from the salmon that have died after and during spawning in rivers throughout BC. We are working with two of the best ISA virus labs in the world and my deepest thanks to them as well as they are suffering verbal attack…

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  1. Norm,
    I get so upset about this one because this is a subject so close to my heart. This of all subjects should show us what we can expect for our future. This government seems to show no concern for that future but beyond that shows little apprediation of life itself.
    Between this and the keystone pipeline debackle we have forever scorned ourselves.


  2. Agreed, Don F. I sent this email today to my MP, Conservative Andrew Saxton:

    “I presume you are troubled by the emerging evidence that DFO has not been accurate and honest in public statements about the salmon fishery. It is sad that so many citizens have lost faith in what should be a science based organization. Instead the CPC has politicized DFO like never before.”

    If I get a substantive reply, I'll publish it here. I invite readers to let us know about any communications with MP's on this issue and whether or not replies are received.


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