Links regarding oily pipeline politics

One of our readers supplied links to articles published by DesmogBlog and I moved the links into this separate item. These articles complement and expand on the message I intended in Regulators throwing loaded dice.

DeSmogBlog covers the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal and how NEB hearings are designed to block comprehensive examination of this massive project and avoid review of Canadian energy policy in general. Here is an example of what you’ll find if you click on through:

“According to Barry Robinson, the EcoJustice lawyer representing the three environmental groups [Raincoast Conservation Foundation, the Living Oceans Society and Forest Ethics], the hearing is strategically biased. “We generally see this as an unbalanced approach,” he told DeSmogBlog, “to consider the economic benefits but not the environmental impacts.”

“And if you’re going to include the one you should, as a matter principle, be open to including the other. “Since Enbridge is relying on the economic benefits of the oil sands and its one of the reasons to approve this then you must equally consider the environmental impacts of the oil sands,” he continued.”


“If the pipeline giant Enbridge Inc. is content to cower behind a 20-something blog manager rather than acknowledge its role in the recent attack on the patriotism of Canadian environmentalists, what hope have we that the company would ever stand accountable for the accidents that will occur – inevitably – if Northern Gateway ever gets built?”

Carol Linnitt, January 25, 2012:

Built to Fail: National Energy Board Muzzles Environmental Scientists In Enbridge Northern Gateway Hearing

Emma Pullman, January 20, 2012

Friends with Benefits: The Harper Government, EthicalOil.org and Sun Media Connection

Jim Hoggan, January 18, 2012

Unaccountable Oil: Is Enbridge Already Polluting the Canadian (Political) Environment?

Emma Pullman, January 13, 2012

Cozy Ties: Astroturf ‘Ethical Oil’ and Conservative Alliance to Promote Tar Sands Expansion

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