BC Liberal motto: Be Prepared

A REPLAY from March 1, 2011

ER doc takes a coffee break

CBC News item:

Staff at Royal Columbian Hospital near Vancouver were forced to turn the facility’s Tim Hortons outlet into an emergency room on Monday night because of a shortage of beds.

Deputy Premier, Minister Responsible for Small Business, Finance Minister and Health Minister Colin Hansen said the coffee shop was designed to be used by New Westminster’s Royal Columbian Hospital when unusual numbers of people show up at the emergency room. Hansen added,

“This has worked out very well for us. Tim Hortons is committed to offering patients nutritious and great tasting food choices and their variety of bagels, croissants, cookies and of course donuts, make a perfect snack or special treat anytime.

“We are exploring many new possible locations for the company but expect the next will be in the BC Legislature because architect Francis Rattenbury provided for a fast food outlet in his original baroque revival design.”

Dr. Sheldon Glazer, ER physician at Royal Columbian Hospital, says

“Seeing patients in Tims Hortons was an improvement over treating them in hallways.”


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  1. Did they get free donuts? Gives a new meaning to “roll up to win”, maybe some of the cups should have a free bed for the night!


  2. Surrey General's emergency has people double parked in the hallways. Maybe they should get the next Tim Hortons.


  3. Don't you just love it when the media blames the health care crisis on the old fart baby boomers and all their health issues. WTF???
    If truth be told and it should be told correctly, even though there are a lot of us good ole baby boomers, we are not the large strain on the health care system.
    First and fore most, the largest drain is called LIBERALS, HANSEN, GORDO, FALCON, CLARK et al.
    Secondly, it has been widely documented that the health of the youth of North America is at crisis proportions.
    Obesity, lack of physical exercise, juvenile diabetes are the number one issues of youth today.
    Thirdly, spend some time in an ER, as I did many times with my elderly mother prior to her death. What I observed was the ratio of drug and alcohol, family crises ER admittances far out weighed the 'elderly health' issues that the media so lovely refers to.
    I guess that they should just line us all up at Tim Horton and do some culling. The media and this government just really piss me off.
    There is no reason that there should be a health care crisis in this province.
    Thanks Gordo and your goose stepping band of lying thieves.


  4. Today, we got to see Pinocchio Hansen at his best today. He said it was “a very, very, unusual day.” Well, my next article will demonstrate he was lying, again.


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