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Hello Premier Photo-Op

Ten Habits of Incompetent Managers, Margaret Heffernan, Fast Company

  • Bias against action: There are always plenty of reasons not to take a decision… People who don’t make mistakes generally don’t make anything. …A good decision today is worth far more than a perfect decision next month. Beware prevaricators.
  • Secrecy: …Very few matters in business must remain confidential and good managers can identify those easily. …Secrets make companies political, anxious and full of distrust.
  • Over-sensitivity: An inability to be direct and honest with staff is a critical warning sign. Can your manager see a problem, address it headlong and move on? If not, problems won’t get resolved, they’ll grow. …Interestingly, secrecy and over-sensitivity almost always travel together. They are a bias against honesty.
  • Love of procedure: …rules and processes exist to expedite business, not ritualize it. Love of procedure often masks a fatal inability to prioritize — a tendency to polish the silver while the house is burning.
  • Preference for weak candidates: …You must always hire people smarter than yourself.
  • Focus on small tasks: …It was all displacement activity to hide the fact that she could not do her real job.
  • Allergy to deadlines: A deadline is a commitment. …You can’t celebrate milestones if there aren’t any.
  • Inability to hire former employees: …Every good manager has alumni, eager to join the team again; if they don’t, smell a rat.
  • Addiction to consultants: A common — but expensive — way to put off making decisions is to hire consultants who can recommend several alternatives. While they’re figuring these out, managers don’t have to do anything. And when the consultant’s choices are presented, the ensuing debates can often absorb hours, days, months. Meanwhile, your organization is poorer but it isn’t any smarter. When the consultant leaves, he takes your money and his increased expertise out the door with him.
  • Long hours: Bad managers work very long hours. …it is probably the single biggest hallmark of incompetence. To work effectively, you must prioritize and you must pace yourself. The manager who boasts of late nights, early mornings and no time off cannot manage himself so you’d better not let him manage anyone else.

Any one of these behaviours should sound a warning bell. More than two — sound the alarm!

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  1. IMHO, the reason the Lieberals are doing so many reviews, and establishing so many committees is when the Legislature opens up and the Official Opposition starts to ask pertenant questions about the devastation the BC Liberals have perpetrated upon every Ministry, Crown Corporation and Asset of the Province they will just say,” we can't answer anything because it's before a review committee”. They're getting desperate now because they can't point to anything in this once great Province that they got right and in fact everything they have done is “oh so wrong”.


  2. You forgot to mention building empires. Building empires means having minions that will do your bidding no matter how bad the decision is. It also means hiding information so that others cant' have access to it unless you kiss ass to get it.


  3. Norman, I have to admit to you my great joy at seeing Ms. Clark looking so terrible these days. Is it possible a photo could bring me such elation that to feel my feet dance beyond my control, my heart soar, my voice emit such jubilant emotion? Yes. Perhaps her inner circle of communication consultants are also feeling such pain? You know the ones like Becky Scott or Wee Pammy W? Do they also look stressed and incompetent? Could you please dig up a photo of them as well? I'm feeling so good at this train wreck that I almost feel guilty at being this wayward British Columbian.


  4. Christy will have another of, Herr Harper's henchmen to bail her out. Boesennkool lobbied for Enbridge, he also worked for Harper as, Campbell is still doing to-day. We will need to watch our backs. The BC people have had, traitors in our midst, for over ten years now. Even our own P.M. kicked the BC citizens in the face.

    Canada has been bleeding jobs, since Harper's majority. We just lost 500 more jobs, when Caterpillar was taken back to the U.S. Being as the U.S. has tensions with China, they may pull all of their company's out of Canada.

    China is sending their people to school to learn English, they will work the mines China owns. Chinese people work for starvation wages. I don't know how many of the seven mines going onto Northern BC, are owned by the Chinese.

    Harper is permitting China to buy out the tar sands. A huge chunk of the dirty tar sands, is owned by China. I won't be surprised, if the Chinese start bringing their own people to work, in the tar sands projects they own.

    Campbell sent some of our mills to China, along with our raw logs. Campbell put 141,000 of our BC mill people out of jobs. Recently, there have been more mill people laid off. BC has been given to China, on a silver platter. It's only a matter of time, before they own Alberta.

    Fadden of the CSIS, warned about the encroachment of the Chinese into Canada. He especially mentioned BC. Not only does China own our resources, they are also taking our jobs.


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