More not-net-zero reality

In the blog article Failing healthcare managers still paid handsomely, I noted that average earnings of the top 10 people at the Fraser Health Authority rose almost $4,500 per month between 2008 and 2011. That represented a cost increase of 21% to FHA, indicating generosity that surprises, considering the difficulties FHA has had in delivering efficient healthcare.

The provincial government is demanding regular employees observe a “net zero reality.” However, for people near the top of the public salary pyramid, there is no such policy.

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority provides additional evidence that no austerity applies to the province’s executive offices. One example involves Chief Operating Officer Mary Ackenhusen who moved from Fraser Health to VCHA in 2007. Between 2008 and 2011, Ackenhusen’s earnings rose from $185,000 to $305,000. In 2009, she got 33%; the following year another 7.5% and in 2011, a further 15.5%.

In 2011, CEO Dr. David Ostrow, after his second full year in charge, scored an 11% increase. CFO Duncan Campbell took home a one year increase of 14% in 2011 (20% over two years). VP Patrick O’Connor’s increase in 2011 was 11% (23% over two years).

After harsh and niggardly treatment of paramedics and the obvious preparations toward imposing zero-increase contracts on teachers, nurses and other public servants, generosity to the province’s highest paid employees demonstrates that increased economic inequality in British Columbia is a philosophical goal of the Liberal government. That is further proven by the gradual elimination of progressive income taxation in favour of higher user fees, greater sales taxes through extension of HST, increased recycling charges, higher medicare fees etc.

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  1. Good point Norm. This and a thousand other reasons the teachers and other Public and private sector workers shouldn't accept the BC Liberal “net zero” policy. The only way it should be acceptable is if they take all the Provinces executives and MLA's salaries and roll them back to 2000 rates and then adjust their salaries to what all the worker's wages have increased since 2000. I won't hold my breath as I'm waiting for that cloven-hoofed mammal to flutter by my window as it could prove to be fatal.


  2. Campbell gave himself a, $60,000 per year salary hike. The Liberal ministers, got a 27% hike. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, gold plated pensions are obscene. They make enough money, to pay their pensions out of their own pockets. They make far more than enough, to pay their own hospital procedures, and premiums. Then we have ripoffs such as Hahn, making $1 million per year salary. Of course even he, gets free health care. We have incentive bonuses, to cheat people out of their care, which we pay through the nose for.

    The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, lies, deceit, stealing, corruption, broken promises and cheating to win is why….BC is at the bottom of the totem pole. Campbell's election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale. His theft and sale of our rivers. Campbell, Hansen and Harper, forced the HST onto the BC people. Remember? The HST wasn't on their radar. Now, the BC people have to pay Harper back for stealing from us. Typical in a dictatorship government.


  3. Anon 11:17, I was talking about the barnyard variety but in hindsight I should have included the grande dame swine at the gutter herself.Further to the point of my last posting, why was it acceptable to tear up contracts and roll back wages of front line workers and not have the same apply to Crown Corporation Executives, Health Authority Managers and other make work projects for BC Liberal insiders and friends? It seems to me that the money spent on reduction of Administration costs (which is a pretty big percentage of Health Care costs) could be put to better use in the dispensing of real Health Care.


  4. At one time I had the greatest displeasure of working for one of Campbell's henchmen. As an austerity measure he directed all managers to cut their budgets by 10%, regardless of any negative consequences. He then proceeded to increase his by more than 100%. The aged adage of corruption and power is as prevalent now as it was then.


  5. in reading this, I went tru all the tirades against the Campbell government, only to realize that it's the olde English system of feudalism revamped slightly to manage rvolt better.You can beef all you want until you realize that terrorism jut might mean self defense, and that democracy is just a failed concept.


  6. Gordo's cut-backs on our wages put me into bankrupcy.I lost what little I saved for retirement and a few acres of land in Cape Breton that I was going to retire on.As a hospital worker,at 63 years old, I'll retire broke and pissed off at governments forever.I am quite literally an anarchist with extemist sympathies.Worst gverment ever and not Canadian.


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