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I think Alex Tsakumis’ open message to CKNW’s Bill Good deserves repeating. So, I repeat it:

goodxHUGE JEERS to Bill Good, the complete idiot that he is, who last night demeaned, through Twitter, a former NW reporter that was laid off recently from a Victoria station.

The reporter, who brought NW some of its biggest exclusives in the last two years, was critical of the NW throne speech slated for this Monday, and instead of respecting the objection, Bill decided to attack this poor kid on a personal level referring to the guy as “bitter” and openly mocking him! A shameful response considering Bill’s FULL knowledge of the lad’s personal challenges, medical difficulties and his general lousy lot in life right now.

So to Bill Good, ‘ASSHOLE OF THE YEAR AWARD’ without question. No one will be more insensitive to someone who’s suffering this year, so congratulations Bill you disgraceful fool. You’re a total jerk for pissing on a guy who is down and out–for now. Typical of a man whose massive ego and unbridled arrogance exceeds his pea brain by several magnitudes.

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  1. I can honestly say I have never listened to his talk show….. until today. From what most people say about Bill Good, I must agree that he is well past his best before date. There is no question that he is biased and deserving of his award from Alex.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. Good and NW are nothing more than an arm of the provincial Liberals and being so, the license to operate, should b withdrawn by the CRTC.


  3. Yes, indeed. S. was always our favourite aunt. In early childhood, S. was like a storybook character to me. Her partner, Uncle D., was the first guy to put me on the back seat of a motorcycle. He also hand built a small boat for brother and me when I was 10. it created and enabled the root of my love for the ocean and its life. Also, the dream of getting back on a motorcycle.


  4. There is really one thing that ticks me off about Alex's comments and that is his reference to the NDP. in particular the fantasy that they will tax big business into little ones. Why do we really want to believe that, particularly when there is such a wealth gap. I see no reason that big business should get all the breaks on the back of the fading middle class. What is read in his statements in a conflicting viewpoint that is as bad as the media that he likes to curse. If the middle class does not wake up and realize that supporting the 'corporate state' is really against anyone best interest except the corporate 1%ers. Wake up people before we can't afford the coffee.


  5. Dear Anonymous.
    This is my original post on Alex's site the night I caught Bill Good's tweet…

    George says:
    February 9, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    for fun lets look at the conversations of our NW guy, in his own words…

    Further to Premier appearing on @billgood980 this is second appearance in year. VZ Clark Campbell all appeared at least as often.

    @JustBrettAgain You are so full of sht U know better comparing Clark/NW with Palin/Fox. NW has been very critical of Clark. Are U bitter?

    @Jim_Beatty consumed by hockey. Why is there a ferry backlog on rainy Thus night in Feb?

    billgood980 Bill Good
    @Tom Fletcher very funny. btw there never was to be a throne speech.

    @B Cameron W FYI Premier promised weeks ago to come on my show and take call. Pam M would have nothing to do with it


  6. cluck cluck's comment about firing public employees at BC Hydro so that 'private companies' can hire who they want was ringing in my ears when I came across this article from last year. It is probably recycling info but to refresh the memory, go over to desmogblog,
    and then follow the link to The Tyee story.
    There is a reason behind who ever is pulling the dim wits strings.


  7. Sorry but I won’t read the blog you refer people to.

    #1. When one disagrees with the author there, and expresses so in the comments section, you are then labelled some type of name; idiot, loser, leftie, moron, etc.etc. I am not interested in being pigeonholed by some blog author for having a differing point of view.

    #2. When that blog author forms an opinion and is then challenged with the correct information that embarrasses him the posting is censored from the blog; exactly the same thing he complains about with the MSM, and in particular, CKNW.

    I have had, previously, direct experience with both. That is unprofessional conduct I am not willing to tolerate from someone who continually claims to be a professional person.


  8. @Anonymous: that you are part of the problem and not the solution is clear. How do you multiply wealth by dividing it first? You position would be comical if it weren't sp tragic! You believe in wealth redistribution? That's what they did in the Soviet Union. It's what they still do in Cuba. Go live there. The problem here is 1% dirvel or any such misinformation; it's that successive govts LIE! The BC Liberals gave TOO MANY tax breaks to the corporations which employ MILLIONS of BCers. If you do as my friend Adrian suggests and roll back EVERY tax cut, then you get exactly what I predict will happen. The shrinking middle class isn't a good thing, but stealing from someone because they are successful in their own right because someone else is down–regardless what the reasons are for such a lot in life, is disgusting. Robin Hood was a mythical character, in case you were wondering. And any country that enacted a Robin Hood economy either failed or has 75% of its population living in abject poverty. Maybe it's you that needs to wake up.

    @Dan: I don't know who you are, but you're a liar or a shill. I have a TON of readers that disagree but do so respectfully. Obviously and left winger, you have willfully ignored that I, too, excoriate the far right loons, as I did in THREE consecutive pieces two weeks ago. Also, I have been corrected a few times by readers–for minute details I may have overlooked. But to suggest that you OPINION is a correction really is the limit. The only unprofessional here is YOU, who hides behind one name–which likely isn't real and manipulates facts about my blog to suit your own narrow political ideology.

    Your complaints have that familiar odor of someone caught sniveling, after being caught shoveling….I couldn't be more delighted to have lost someone like you as a reader.


  9. See what I mean folks? Thanks for chiming in and confirming both #1 and #2. Nothing like confirmation from the source.I won't join in on the name calling or the condescension.

    If you would like to know who I am ask Norm. I sat beside him and his wife all night at the Rafe Mair roast. Prior to leaving I introduced myself to Norm and handed him a card.

    Regarding your form of censorship, my post that was censored was a factual rebuttal to your misguided opinion on a certain topic.

    Using labels like Liberal, Conservative, Left, and Right exhibits laxity of thought. It is an ad hominem argument, no better than name-calling, and lacks substance.



  10. Say, Alex, can you please point out where Adrian Dix says he wants to roll back “every” tax cut? Seems to me he has argued rolling back “part” of the corporate tax cut and the tax cuts on the banks. That's clearly not “every” tax cut.


  11. Your question Tony is the perfect example of a claim Tsakumis makes in response to my first posting here. His last sentence in the second para;

    … “Which likely isn't real and manipulates facts about my blog to suit your own narrow political ideology……”

    It seems that Tsakumis has the identical malady he incorrectly accuses others of suffering from.

    …..sauce for the goose….

    Although this blog and topic are not about me, I am still waiting for substantiation of his claim that I am a liar or a shill. Interesting to note that the same sentence is started with “I don’t know who you are but…..” and then goes on to label me.

    Well, I could be ten other things too; black, white, male, female, tall, short, disabled, heck I could even be a left-handed red-head. This type of response is something to expect from an adolescent.

    I have no desire to get Norm to remove the offensive comments. I want them left there to demonstrate how this particular blogger destroys his credibility by making unsubstantiated claims about others. Rather an ill-thought out response; poor decision making made by no one else but himself.

    The unfortunate part is these types of comments by Tsakumis only serve to bring the quality of Norm’s blog down.


  12. ” (do) You believe in wealth redistribution?<"

    Damn straight I do, it is going on big time and has been for the last thirty years, since Ronnie Raygun accepted his last starring role as Preznit. The problem is that it has been in one direction only, trickle down is the fantasy, unless you are talking golden showers of the elite *issing on the rest of us. The wealth has been being redistributed upwards to the point where now the gap between the richest and the rest is greater than even at the end of the 1920's and not because of entrepreneurs being productive or creative, but by using their money to change the rules to favor those with the money to buy their own government. When those who gamble with other peoples money are protected by socialism for the rich (TARP, bailouts etc.) and rewarded better than anyone else the 99% who are left out will eventually rise up as they already are with the Occupy movement which most likely will really gain momentum come Spring.

    In my next life I want to come back as a corporation, so I can have all the rights of a person with none of those inconvenient responsibilities.

    We are headed for a society like we used to look on with horror in Asia, Africa and Latin America with islands of the rich, protected by their own security surrounded by poverty. Didn't you ever wonder why kidnapping was such a growth industry in Latin America?


  13. And this readers, ends the discussion what was or wasn't written or implied at another blog. I'm sure Alex will offer the same money back guarantee that I offer. If readers are unhappy, they can have a full, no questions asked, refund.


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