Canada’s most transparent government

Ian Reid is reporting that thousands of pages of BC Rail documents are newly released under FOI rules. All but five are blank.

The word ‘five’ is not a misprint but I think there was a misprint in the BC Liberal platform document that said:

  • “It’s time for a New Era of Accountability. Our plan will deliver real transparent, accountable government.
  • “Our Vision: The most open, accountable and democratic government in Canada.”

Liberals have been working from a “revised and abridged” version of their promises.

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  1. Simply words, to “sedate” the masses. These people have no intention, of being open and transparent. Not in their agenda. The “game” is deception and denial of same, at all costs.

    The people of BC do not deserve this kind of governance. It is truly corrupt from within.


  2. If we're truly “The most open, accountable and democratic government in Canada”, then the rest of the provinces and territories must be governing like North Korea.

    This government is a giant colossal fail on every front. We need to recall them now!


  3. Blogosphere Hogg-o’shpere, everyone has a blog even me, so what good are we doing?

    We all realize Canadian and Provincial democracy has been derailed in favor of large corporate interests and what is destroyed in the carnage; personal rights and freedoms for the average Canadian who cannot afford to buy her or his way into immunity. And what about the environment? I now have become a radical not through action, but by definition of the PMO’s office in Ottawa, simply because I happen to inhabit the one lone, so far discovered, most beautiful inhabitable planet in the universe and I want to keep it intact. I am not against big business but I am Pro all that makes Earth unique and favorable to life, our kind of life.

    Now your favorite fishing hole can by big business be proclaimed a ‘tailing pond’ with a stamp of approval by the anti Environmental S(M)inister, your favorite hiking path a pipeline right of way, where does it stop?

    When the planet looks like Mars?

    The rhetoric “we won’t raise taxes” is heard across the western world by its infallible governments, now read between the lines-

    -What us old farts have been paying the ipsofacto ‘benign dictatorship’ – Stephen Harper’s own word’s all these years has been twisted from what we were told, confirming our future, to supporting a bunch of big business (& oil) trolls that stop at nothing (just look at the abomination of the destruction of the priceless Taiga for the wealth of oil, forget about moose hunting there forever, you’d have a better chance statistically on Mars) for a piece of paper$ with alphanumeric codes on it and a picture or two?

    No raised taxes but the social services net we have paid for all our lives and now even education flushed away so big business can prosper and live well on the carcasses of animals, humans and plants. Water is fast becoming a commodity, where will it stop? When the federal police (RCMP) regulate the air you breathe? Will you then take a stance? $0.05 cents a gulp, how long can you hold your breath?

    Heck I can even find someone unattached, distracted, unbalanced, devious enough to do anything, I mean anything, for that piece of paper$! Hell I’m getting smarter in my old age in the last sentence I’ve just described our government and what is wrong with it!

    Vote with your body, quit working for the paper$ worshipers and their churches – corporations ruling governments, yes I am asking all of you to grow up and save this ‘Garden of Eden’- the planet known as Earth.



  4. I bet you won't read about this in the Sun or Province or hear it on radio. It's an old story you know, not worth attention. Right, Bill Good?

    If they don't have anything to hide, why are they diligently hiding everything?


  5. Well I am truly flummoxed. The most “open Transparent Government of Canada” relies a report with only FIVE pages that are readable.

    Why Bother.

    BC Christy we are going to roast your heini over this one


  6. Go to Ian Reid's site “The Real Story” for his first report on FOI releases. The latest with five pages not blank is actually an improvement from the first batch, which had all but one blank. Ian wrote this:

    “Last week I got another group of records. 1752 pages of them.

    “The first page was an innocuous email exchange between Yvette Wells and Jessica Guitard of CN Rail’s legal department entitled “Re: Public Release of Partnership Documents” dated August 3, 2004.

    “And here for your reading pleasure are the next 1751 pages: ”Pages 2 through 1751 redacted for the following reasons: – S.14″

    “That’s right, one thousand seven hundred and fifty one blank, empty, white pages.

    “Not a word or punctuation mark left so I can’t even figure out what it is the BC Liberals have kept hidden. It’s like a dark and depressing punch line at the end of Kafka’s Trial. “


  7. Would you report in official transcript's, a shady deal that could lead to the destruction, of your political party, open the door to class action lawsuits, individual lawsuits and forfieture of wealth? How about a little jail time thrown in for being patently stupid, in thinking that the people of this province, are “minions” and not entitled to know the truth.
    Or how about making your friends “wealthy”, at the expense of taxpayers in this province?

    Hmmm…lets see…I don't think we'd better open that door.

    “Perception” is truly everything. If it walks like a duck…..

    Get the jail cells ready…yes people, some of you are going to spend some “serious” time thinking about, your own real stupidity, and deception of those you are meant, to serve.

    Don't think so? We will see about that.


  8. Seems to me that if we paid the lawyers, we are the clients and the privilege should be ours. Or are we only privileged as far as the cash register?


  9. TheSupreme Court Mr. Justice Greyell wrote this in his June 30/11 reasons for judgement

    [66] The privilege and arising confidentiality belongs to the client: that is, the privilege belongs to Messrs. Basi and Virk. It is only client who can choose to waive such privilege. Such waiver must be clear and unequivocal.

    [67] I am satisfied on a review of the background of this matter, and after reviewing the communications passing between Messrs. Virk and Basi and counsel for the Auditor General as set out above, that in this case both Messrs. Virk and Basi have chosen, with full knowledge of their rights, to waive such rights to any existing privilege and confidentiality they may have to documents in the possession of the Province…


  10. They used solicitor-client privilege to blank out 2963 pages in the latest batch. So either Basi and Virk have retracted their waver somehow, or we paid legal fees for somebody else involved in this debacle. It would be nice to know on whose privileged behalf we are being denied the information, at the very least.


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