An opportunity for us to learn

30 year-old William Housty’s powerhouse presentation to the National Energy Board’s Enbridge hearings in his community of Bella Bella. William describes the history, language and culture of his people in fascinating detail – and how the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline and Tar Sands supertankers transiting the waters of his people’s territory would destroy their traditional way of life. A must-watch!

A sample:

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  1. Awesome and so glad that there are those that are not easily manipulated. Read a very interesting little essay br Ernest Finnie, PhD called, How to Create Useful Idiots'. Far too easy after reading this worthwhile read. Smashmouth should be where you can find it.
    I wonder when we as a society will regain our sense of humanity and stand up and just say NO.


  2. I enjoyed watching Mr. Housty and realizing while watching that this man has a respect for nature and the things vital to us that we must never lose.
    His outlook on monetary gain at the risk of all life should be one that is embraced.
    Our governments and industry leaders should feel shame listening to his words.


  3. That's the problem. Our politicians don't care about the welfare of the people. They don't care about polluting the entire planet, with the dirty oil. Harper is rabid with greed, to the point, he is right off his nut. Harper's ranting and raving ministers are a disgrace. Their threats to us. The names we are called. Harper is not about, what is good for the country and the people. He's a total dictator, and we are disgusted by, Harper only caring about Harper, and to hell with the people. That works both ways, so to hell with Harper.

    I was fascinated by William Housty's speech, about their culture and beliefs. Harper has no right, to put the F.N. food sources under threat. He has no right, to destroy the F.N. beliefs and culture. The F.N. culture is important to BC, and to all of Canada. Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC liberals, have stolen enough from all of us.


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