Connecting actions to results

A few days ago, a Postmedia telemarketer called, aiming to revive a subscription cancelled years ago. “For less than 50 cents a day…”  I declined, despite knowing the contributions of excellent newspapers are inestimable. Here are examples, one LOCAL and another from BRITAIN.

However, while laudable wordsmiths struggle to produce valued content, bean counters at their publications see newspapers as nothing more than advertising delivery vehicles. Consideration of and service to readers ranks last on the list of priorities. Example:

Postmedia Network Taken Over* By Hyundai Canada
April 23, 2012 (TORONTO)

In the first massive takeover of its kind, innovative automaker Hyundai will take possession of the most prime real estate Postmedia has to offer. On April 24 (April 25 in Alberta) Hyundai will own the front page of every Postmedia digital, print and mobile platform for an entire day in support of its award-winning line up of automobiles. Offering the largest one day audience reach to a single marketer in the history of Postmedia, this new advertiser program named Launch Pad heralds the arrival of a newway to accelerate audience reach.

“Take a bold advertiser with a big story to tell and a media partner with the creativity, products and the most coveted audience around and you have Launch Pad,” said SimonJennings, Chief Digital and Revenue Officer, Postmedia Network. “Advertisers want high-impact creative solutions to meet their marketing objectives. Our goal is to provide themwith not only innovative solutions but seamless execution and outstanding customer service. And have fun doing it.”

Anyone surprised at where the newspaper industry ranks on this chart?

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