Ethics and competence not germane

Phil Hochstein is worried about the politicians who served his interests so well in recent years. In present form, most of those men and women now seem unelectable. As a result, Phil sniffs the winds of change. His plan is to rename the BC Liberal Party and merge it with BC Conservatives.

Christy Clark is OK with that, as long as people remember that she is leader of BC’s free world and intends to continue. Conservative leader John Cummins has different ideas. One of them being the quaint notion that government ought to be run by people who are competent and ethical.

Details like that don’t trouble Mr. Hochstein. He has a simple agenda. It involves massive building of infrastructure to keep his construction members busy in a non-union, unregulated, low tax, balanced budget economy. He doesn’t add the obvious but elimination of social spending, particularly public education and healthcare, would be the result.

So, Hochstein tells politicians they can call themselves the Upside-down Ferris Wheel Party as long as they adopt the agenda demanded by people providing the bankroll. He says,

If it about a name or label, then change it.

The simplicity of his statement speaks loudly of Hochstein’s contempt for BC voters. I think it will take more than a name change to alter my voting intentions.

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  1. Its not about a name change Phil!

    It is really about balance, and under standing the linkages within a complex society. If you create balance, the populace as a whole, will encourage those in power, to continue with policies and legislation that benefit the whole.

    With the current “kelptocatic” regime, 7 out of 10 people perceive that the BC Liberals are, serving only a small minority of “free enterprisers” and the rest of us are out in the cold. That is why, they are finished.

    Perception is everything. These politicians do not get it. Brand it, every which way you want, the BC Liberals come up corrupt every time. Regime change, is what most of the province see's as the only way to rid us, of a
    dispised and discredited political party.


  2. Hochstein's extreme fear mongering of the NDP and desperation is proportional to the threat he feels to his self interest and personal source of revenue by being in bed with the Liberals. His great fear is that the gravy train he is on will be derailed and the status-qua will be changed to his financial detriment. His selfishness and self interest is so obvious.


  3. I noticed Hochstein on TV last night whining that if Adrian Dix wins the next election, “we will be in opposition for a long time”. He obviously considers himself part of the current government, so why not make it official? Merge his association with Christy’s and form the Liberal Contractor’s Party of British Columbia.


  4. I'm still troubled by the lack of easily accessible information about Hochstein that isn't from a body with which he has some connection. This points out, once again, one of the real problems with Wikipedia – no one has done an article on the guy – despite the power he wields. There are only a few references in the media and very little background information.

    We really do need to get to know the guy better!


  5. This man Hochstein really bugs me. Who does he think he is? Squealing like a pig because he's afraid the trough's going to be taken away. He makes me angry.


  6. What is disconcerting in the avenue of rhetoric that has thusfar been offered is the somewhat idealistic notion that another party of government could rid themselves of the shackles of the corporate corruption of public office. You can paint any politician any colour you like, but ask them to take a more reasonable approach to their own pension or expense accounts and I'm certain you'll hear them quote the salaries of big business as examples that we should all aspire to gain. It has become a mantra that in order to attract the best, you need to pay them the most. There is no room for ethics or even morality in this approach. There is a void in public office where dignity at one time may have briefly lit the nature of elected representation, but that light has not revealed an honourable and effective politician for quite some time.
    We have entered a new age of incompetence. The Peter Principle can be applied to this scale of delusion that is so corrupt most politicians and business leaders can be slotted somewhere between being “falsely entitled” and “arrogantly greedy”. And while they fight over the taxpayers' hard-earned money, we slip into a disenfranchised slumber of apathy and laziness, doomed to see more of the same in every successive parliament until one day, a revolution might do away with the party system altogether and business will not be allowed buy their agendas onto the floor of House anymore.


  7. I think the BC Liberals should rename their party…The Northern Foundation Party. That would please Harper to no end. That is, unless Harper will rename the Conservative party, the Northern Foundation party, from 1989. That's Harper's true party after all.

    Believe you me, the BC citizens learned about Hochstein, from the fight BC HST. You don't want to know, someone like him. You need a cast iron stomach, learning about Hochstein, just think about Campbell and you've got Hochstein.


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