BC Liberals

The car-crash-that-never-ends

Liberals across Canada are being hoist with their own petard, Brian Topp, The Globe and Mail, Apr. 29, 2012

Meanwhile, the car-crash-that-never-ends that is the premiership of British Columbia’s Christy Clark is now apparently thrashing around to the view that it needs to scrub the Liberal brand off itself, to fight off both a principled and a strategic voting pitch aimed at its voters from both the left (the B.C. NDP) and the right (the B.C. Conservatives).

Meanwhile, leaks reveal that BC Liberal MLA’s, unhappy with oversight failures during the leadership vote, forced a purge at party headquarters. The official position, reinforced Saturday by NW’s loyal partisan Sean Leslie while chatting with Liberal insider Mike Morton, is that changes result,

Just ’cause they’re young people moving on.

Yeah, right. Executive Director Chad Pederson, appointed to the position in December 2010, under fire for oversight failures and worse during the leadership vote that installed Christy Clark, departed without even a gentle nudge toward the door.

Sean Leslie knows about issues of internal conflict but, like his Press Gallery colleagues, blithely reports the Liberal party line.

As comment writers note, Toronto based Brian Topp missed the obvious. BC Liberals and Christy Clark are involved in a never ending train crash.

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  1. Hey Norm…I listened to a little bit of the Sean Leslie show on Saturday..

    Nothing special except this tid-bit qoute from Sean ..

    From Sean Leslie..

    “I won my first golf game of the year, I shot a 95, I was playing with Stephen Smart and Tom Fletcher, thought I`d rub it in on air”

    Amazing, no BC Liberal bias in that crowd.


  2. Are we not making history again in BC? With the likes of car crashes that never end, unpopularity, lies and selling the electorate the promised land that will never be, we are always the accepting apathetic electorate. What is another car crash but another murder in Surrey? Bad news comes to us and we have managed it to make it go away in order to cope.


  3. If Mr. Topp was more knowledgeable about BC, he would have realized it is not a car crash, but a never (as yet) ending train wreck.


  4. Sean Leslie was on ‘NW a few minutes ago telling us again these are just young people moving onward and upward in natural career evolution. Nothing to any of the rumors on the nasty old blogosphere. Nope; just put your mind to rest folks.

    And you know who his source is? Rich Coleman. If you didn’t believe Sean before, you really believe him now. Right?


  5. If Mr. Leslie won this golf extravaganza with a 95, I'd like to challenge all three of them to a friendly match.

    If I win, all of them must leave the media immediately.

    If they win, I will pay them each $500, and they can continue on being Christy's faithful lackies.

    C'mon guy, whadaya say? I'm 100% dead serious about this.


  6. Seems like we hear the same old same old, again and again. If you really wanted to “purge” the Lberal party, you would start with the executive, then the backroom boys…Still not satisfied? Go after snooki, et all, the gong show would shortly collapse of its own accord.

    Real solutions to prevent this nonsense, from happening in Canadian politics as a whole? Start handing out 10 year jail sentences, for fraud, breach of trust, breach of fudicary responsibility and a whole host of other public “trust” related crimes. Jail them and make sure it sticks.

    If stupidity was a crime, the BC Libs would all get, life sentences!


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