BC Liberals

Unjust deserts

Without reporting anything on the BC Liberal HQ purge beyond the party line, Vancouver Sun reporter Jonathan Fowlie provides the pols an uncritical platform to assure us that all goes well in la-la land, Clark’s senior staffer to run B.C. Liberals 2013 campaign cleanup

“…[Newly appointed campaign director Mike] McDonald predicting a “fully funded” campaign by 2013. “We have a very resilient organization that has a really strong donor base that is expanding because we are employing new approaches to raise money as well that we are adopting from the federal Conservatives,” he said…” 

The new approaches include a mixture of blackmail, extortion, favours and rewards. Everything is up for sale, not a reserve price in sight.

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  1. The hard work is already done.

    In December Christy Clark appointed George Abbott to do a year-long consultation exercise to shape the BC Liberal 2013 election campaign plan. Now we hear McDonald is on a year-long gig in concert with Rich Coleman to implement the 2013 election plan approved last weekend. George sure is a fast worker. And just think; he did it all while dueling with the BCTF and traveling to China. What a guy!


  2. The “Eye” has several relatives who are long time Liberals, Westside Vancouver Liberals, monied Westside Vancouver Liberals, who supported the Campbell Liberal party. Campbell's Liberal party wasn't really Liberal at all, but Westside Vancouver Liberals like to pretend so.

    Here is the gist, the purses are closed and Premier Snookie has been politely told to “go fish”. it seems Campbell's Liberal Party was a Conservative/Republican type government, which prime political tenet was to reduce taxes for the rich and increase taxes on the poor. Anyone who subscribes to the Campbell Liberal party, fully believed that might is right and god is money.

    Too late the Westside Liberals have seen the light and are sitting the next election out as the BC Liberal party decade of corporatism has finally touched the monied folk. Too many dumpster divers are now prowling Vancouver's west side and far too many children of wealthy west side types can't get jobs.

    Unless Dix and his NDP do something radically stupid (like use Joy McPhail as a consultant) before the next election, they will be a shoe in and Premier Snookie will eat dirt.

    In fact, Vancouver Westside Liberals are taking bets on how many Campbell era politicians will end up in jail.

    The BC Liberal party is not dead, but they are doing a damn fine imitation of being dead.


  3. Nice to hear the party 'elite” have figured it out. To bad “snooki and the clown gang”, at the Ledge have not. We really do need some of these clowns to take up residence, behind bars for a while. If anything, it will send a message, to the rest of the “sociopathic wannabees”, indicating that “no, you cannot establish another kleptocracy”. As this has literally bankrupted the province, to supply your “friends” with lucrative opportunities, that once belonged to the taxpayers.

    Seems to be to much of a good thing, when your “supporters” withdraw the cash, and the “free enterprise, free ride” has come home to haunt.
    I wonder how the trials, will be conducted and the enquiries handled, when the time comes? Think these Westside liberals will want front row seats?


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