Liberals legislate silence from environmentalists

Virus sparks quarantine on B.C. salmon farm, Curt Petrovich, CBC News, May 17, 2012

B.C.’s salmon farming industry is on high alert after the discovery of a lethal fish virus [Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis (IHN)] at one farm on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has quarantined the farm at Dixon Bay, north of Tofino. Mainstream Canada, which runs the operation, says it will destroy its entire stock of 560,000 one-kilo-sized salmon, to prevent the disease from spreading…

Under amendments planned by BC Liberals, this CBC report would be illegal and environmental guardians like Alexandra Morton would be silenced. BC fish farm producers, nearly all Norwegian, have already used the courts to silence critics. The new laws are to provide greater certainty that critical voices can be eliminated.

Fish farm opponent faces 2nd B.C. defamation case, Canadian press, CBC, January, 2012:

His [Don Staniford] outspoken criticism has earned him an appearance at the Supreme Court of B.C. on Jan. 16 where he must defend himself against allegations from Mainstream Canada, the province’s second largest salmon farming company, that he defamed the organization.

The case could cost him $125,000 if he loses.

The defamation case is the second Staniford has faced in the province since 2005 and the third major legal fight of his 18-year international campaigning career.

Now, fish farms are using political influence with BC Liberals to rewrite provincial laws in their efforts to stop Morton, Staniford and you and I from exposing the risks of their operations.

B.C. law to ban information on farm outbreaks, Ethan Baron, The Province, May 22, 2012:

B.C.’s Liberal government is poised to further choke off the flow of public information, this time with respect to disease outbreaks. The Animal Health Act, expected to be passed into law by month’s end, expressly over-rides B.C.’s Freedom of Information Act, duct-taping shut the mouths of any citizens – or journalists – who would publicly identify the location of an outbreak of agriculture-related disease such as the deadly bird flu.

A person must refuse, despite the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, to disclose . . . information that would reveal that a notifiable or reportable disease is or may be present in a specific place or on or in a specific vehicle,” Section 16 of the Act reads…”

The seriousness of this situation was demonstrated to me in an email from Alexandra Morton:

Last night Anissa and I went to observe the offloading of the OCEAN KING mort packer for Mainstream. They are moving the viral infected fish through the most productive wild salmon waters of the west coast of Vancouver Island – Alberni Inlet, avoiding every fish farm. There was no containment around the vessel as they pumped, the trucks were dripping bloodwater as they drove to the nearby Land, Earth and Sea “organic” composting facility between China Creek and Port Alberni.

There is concern this will leach directly into the Inlet. People do not understand why this facility was used and not the much more secure mass mortality compost facility in Parksville. These fish should be removed before the next big rainfall.

We contacted Local First Nations who were not notified. DFO was called but they were not visible on scene, the mayor showed up but did not speak with me. The boat left and will presumably be back late today.

We have posted videos at Salmon Are Sacred facebook page and a posting on my blog alexandramorton.typepad.com

So folks this may be the last chance the people of Canada have the opportunity to be vocal about highly infectious diseases in Norwegian feedlots, leaching into BC. Christy Clark, premier of BC is taking us into Dark Ages. Mainstream is telling the world I breached quarantine at the dock, but there was none when we arrived and once there was I never stepped inside…

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  1. It is simply. Just start picketting stores which sell farmed salmon. No market for the product, they'll stop producing it, except of course for export. Then it will be just another example of the lieberals allowing multinational foreign corporations to destroy our enviornment.


  2. This fascist government is on the cusp of making truth in BC unlawful. Where or where is the mainstream media – out to lunch as usual?

    Just like a certain British PM in 1939 proclaiming “Peace in our time”, we have Premier photo-op, acting as the cheap whore she is, proclaiming, “no diseased salmon on our coast”.

    The inherent evil on the BC Liberals is choking this province to death and leaving future generations an empty plate as all the Liberals friends have raped BC until itunrecognizableable.

    I think charges of sedition should be brought against the Premier and cabinet and a criminal investigation should take place with the BC Liberal part.


  3. Under the Harper plan that prefers industry to do self-regulation, the CFIA will have no ability to quarantine anything, anywhere.


  4. Anybody who defies orders to remain silent, BC's Infamous Mental Health Act Sec.28(1) can take care of you, it may be hard to advocate for a cause while locked up and drugged inside a psychiatric institution.
    In BC police do not have to provide medical staff with a written objective report explaining why they detained and brought citizen for mental health evaluation. Police can't really write “couldn't keep mouth shut” on a medical form now could they.


  5. This week Order of BC awards were announced (including 2 more big financial contributors to the Liberals), I wondered if they might include Alexandra Morton on the list but Liberals are doing something even worse than excluding her. They intend to change the law so Morton and others like her could be arrested for honest efforts to protect the health and welfare of fellow citizens.

    Last October, The Tyee announced reader vote results for their “People's Order of BC.” This was said about Alexandra Morton:
    “Alexandra Morton has for many years sustained a selfless but articulate struggle against governments, industry and other financial beneficiaries of questionable ocean science. Her recent focus has been on fish farming techniques but she began living in isolation on the B.C. coast more than 30 years ago to study the marine environment of Orca whales. Her views have consistently called for preservation of natural ecology and application of the precautionary principle favouring preservation of natural order. She is a scientist, an author, an activist and, perhaps most importantly, a symbol of an individual's ability to peacefully confront larger and more powerful forces over issues of conscience.”


  6. Don't worry folks, the Feds are just going to push the pipeline through and kill off all the infected salmon (and what's left of the wild salmon) with a supertanker spill anyway. *shudder*


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