BC Hydro

Coleman regulates the ‘independent’ regulator

if we needed more evidence that BC Hydro has become the tool of financial pirates, Rich Coleman provided it Tuesday with news that public hearings scheduled to begin a month from now are cancelled. As Vaughn Palmer writes,

“The commission had to approve the rate increase sought by BC Hydro in every respect, as set out in a 1,500-page application.

“Capital budgets. Operating costs. Rates of return. Amortization. Forecasts, even for such inherently volatile exercises as trading electricity with neighbouring jurisdictions.

“…There was also this: “The commission may not reconsider, vary, or rescind the orders it issues except on the application by the authority.” The authority being BC Hydro — and yes, that means the regulator is bound hand and foot to do the bidding of the very utility it is presuming to regulate…”

There you have it.

Are you concerned about BCH purchasing power it does not need, high prices paid for electricity generated by private companies in public rivers while BCH turbines sit idle or about smart meters costing 240% more in BC than in other jurisdictions?


Be patient though, the clock is counting down on opportunities remaining for Rich Coleman, Pat Kinsella and friends to loot the province. The election that will send Christy Clark’s gang to oblivion is only 51 weeks away, unless they decide to change that law as well.

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  1. Man, talk about dishonest reporting.

    CBC misses the big picture and reports, “B.C. Energy Minister Rich Coleman says BC Hydro can get by on less than it's asked for from the province's consumers.”

    Does it get any worse than this. Are the CBC reporters so ignorant of what is happening or do they consciously choose to ignore the real story.


  2. when the lieberals are thrown out of office we can have an investigation into the destruction of B.c. Hyrdo. If evidence of illegal activity is found B.C. might be able to get out of these ridiculous “agreements” which appear to only benefit the friends of campbell/liebeals.

    I have never found a reason to have these run of the river projects, except that they make money for the companies which own these projects. These projects did nothing for the enviornment, fish, citizen/taxpayers of B.C., etc.

    I wonder how much money these companies have the lieberals in “contributions”?


  3. “These projects did nothing for the environment, fish, citizen/taxpayers of B.C., etc.”

    Sorry, they did something. Describing it though requires use of an impolite word rooted in the one known as the “F” word.


  4. Fifty-one weeks is an eternity to watch the province sell-off with the mis-management and deceit of Hydro and LDB. It will be a sorry lot the NDP will inherit and try to put right. We are all hoping that you Norm, Bob Mackin and Alex Tsakumis will reveal 'the bomb' ASAP that will drop this government to its knees now.


  5. The sad thing is that any one of the numerous “bombs” revealed by Norm, Alex, and Bob would have brought down a government, or at the very least some of its cabinet members just a few years ago. Now the traditional media gives it the old soft-shoe or bites an ankle or two and then moves on. Having said that, Simi Sara did some very good work, including an interview with Bob this afternoon. We should all encourage her to keep the ball rolling…


  6. Simi Sara consistently does excellent work and I will visit NW's audio vault to listen for today's work. If one listens carefully, Sara demonstrates almost no bias in her interviewing techniques, except a bias toward seeking all sides of a story. I particularly love her work when a guest speaks absolute nonsense She doesn't insert herself into the report, she respectfully asks questions that reveals the guest's complete idiocy. That's not an easy skill but it sure provides benefit to listeners.

    I also respect Jon McComb's work at CKNW but often find his program segments unsatisfying because they are too short. I think the extra time that Simi Sara has with guests allows her to get to the core of a story.


  7. With the cornucopia of ongoing corruption you would think the pro-media would be wailing on the jack hammers and getting out the flame throwers on these brazen cons. Instead MSM continue the soft shoeing through and around the facts and twirling the feather dusters lightly over all the cover ups. Really telling that the truth is not their focus.

    If not for McComb and Sara and the many here in the blogosphere, the BC Liberal ponzie scheme would still be in full flower rather than the last desperate throes of “promotion” before total collapse. With the latest BCH and LDB twists and turns haven't we had enough of this nonsence? if two, three or four Liberals crossed the floor to sit as independents the whole house of cards would collapse and we could get on with making our province a better place for at least the 99%.

    Step down, call the election. Get trounced and bounced. It can not not come soon enough.


  8. You'd think that with the aura of BC Rail hovering over their heads those responsible for the LDB, BC Hydro,and other nefarious schemes would exercise a little caution. Apparently not! Are they so completely caught up in their lies that they're oblivious to the catastrophe they've created?

    Oh woe to the Party that inherits this mess and attempts make some order of it.


  9. I have to give big time kudos to Keith Baldrey for calling out Christy Clark as she tried (repeatedly) to keep quoting a “50% rate increase” that BC Hydro never came close to asking for. He then pointed out her error in trying to claim that they are paying down the deferral account to $250 million.

    Is the tide of the MSM turning against The Dummy and the rest of the Fiberals?


  10. and that about says it all…how can there be so many people in one place at one time that do not care about losing our province?…how did they get that way?…how could they have grown up here and not revere the very areas they are (insert impolite word)…every day they stay, they are proving it is just for personal gain by way of MLA pension or future corporate reward…ditto for most of the media, why are those that can speak out not doing so with more vigour? It is not like the facts are missing.


  11. Is there no consequence, to prevent the continuation of the ripping off of the taxpayer in this province? No laws exist to prevent this? This kind of corruption needs punitive measures that are immeadiate and severe. Without them, democracy and politics, no longer exist in this province.


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