Conservatives (CPC)

Pollution monitors kicked out the door

What would your choice be? Would you provide chauffeurs on standby 16 hours a day so that every cabinet minister could avoid the shame of riding in a taxi but still return home without risk of impaired driving charges? Or, would you divert that money to employ scientists who monitor ocean pollution?

From The Times Colonist:

“When University of Victoria PhD student Marie Noel decided to study the effects of contaminants on marine mammal health, she thought she was a assured a long marine biology career without pink slips and redundancy notices.

“…The 29-year-old student is still in shock that her mentor, Canada’s only marine mammal toxicologist at the Institute of Ocean Sciences on Vancouver Island, is losing his job as the federal government cuts almost all employees who monitor ocean pollution across Canada.

This happens despite news reported by The Province: B.C. prepares for Fukushima fallout to arrive in 2013

“March 11, 2011 earthquake and the tsunami that followed it began washing up on B.C. shores and more is predicted to arrive.

“As much as 20 million tonnes could make it to B.C. according to University of Hawaii scientists, who predicted last year that the debris would arrive here in 2014. The latest estimates are that significant amounts of material will arrive in 2013…”

Additional reading courtesy of Andrew Nikiforuk and The Tyee.

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  1. Off topic Norm but I couldn't help noticing your unadvertisement in the upper left corner. I know of a number of people that have had the same problem with Dell and will no longer buy them. All of them were warranty issues that Dell wants a fistfull of dollars to repair.


  2. Eliminating marine biologists makes perfect sense if you're stevie slime. With out the biologists it will be much more difficult for people to find out what is going on with our oceans & marine life. From stevie's perspective I am sure he consideres ignorance on the part of citizens, bliss for him.

    With the debris from Japan headed this way, tankers, pipelines, etc. it works so much better for stevie & his slimers to do away with anything which might prevent us from knowing about health problems.

    If they wanted to save money, why did Harper sign on for $110M a yr. for 3 yrs. to support a corrupt government in afghanastan. I dont' mind paying taxes but I want them to be spent in Canada on services for Canadians. That $330M would go a long way keeping marine biologists, the Coast Guard, & providing services to injuired veterans.


  3. The LIEberals also decimated the environmental people at Hydro – Hmmmm….
    Wouldnt have anythig to do with allowing the IPP's to rape and pillage without any science about the damage to the watershed – – would it?


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