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Government – for people or for business?

Jumbo-friendly Bill Creates Municipality Without Residents, The Tyee, May 28, 2012:

Provincial legislation passed last week paves the road further toward construction of the controversial Jumbo Glacier ski resort and real estate development in the East Kootenay. It has sparked indignation and even a bit of rebellion among local governments in the Kootenays.

They are baffled to see that an area can, by provincial fiat, become a municipality before anyone even lives there.

“Ridiculous” is how Gerry Taft, the mayor of Invermere, describes the new state of affairs…

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  1. Then how come none of them complained about it back it what 2009?, when Gordo first unveiled it? Do they only care when it's in their own backyard? Kinda hard to feel sorry for them now…..


  2. cherylb is in error.

    I remember attending 'Stop Jumbo' meetings all over the Kootenies in the early nineties.

    The zeal and persistence by government and developer to see this project through makes one wonder if there isn't a lot more to this enterprise than meets the eye.

    Full disclosure has never been paramount with BC governors.


  3. Yes, its true. Kleptocrats currently rule…not for long though. You can't say you did not have advance notice,

    I hope the use of cabinet orders and orders in council, will be the tools of the day, in the future, to reverse the “economic subversion”, perpetrated on the taxpayers of this province. We the taxpayer have to find a way to reverse the economic damage. Whether it be class action lawsuits on a massive scale, or targeted lawsuits, the taxpayer has to have legal recourse to reverse the past 11 years, of fiscal irresponsibility. Intent is the key.
    Theft of public resources and/or revenue generating options and turning them into “private enterprise” opportunities for a select few, is NOT what governments are mandated to do.


  4. Once again this unelected premier proves that to the liberal party the great unwashed are buffoons that get in the way of giving business everything it wants. Proving why the last 11 years we have been dictated to (even when they say we were consulted)by business concerns(the only ones consulted)by the worst government ever . It also shows why we should get rid of the queen as head of state. Her Governor general could disolve parliament when it has so little support and call an election however this would actually mean they care HA. HA.


  5. Jumbo sits on the pass between the East and West Kootenays. There is much opposition to Jumbo in the East Kootenays, but then that part of BC is also very Albertanized, some there even would like to separate and join Alberta – being on the border and shopping in Alberta to save sales tax ain't redneck enough for Bill “I'm a redneck racist and proud of it” Bennnett's constituency over there.

    Here on the West side of the Purcells, the opposition to anything in Jumbo, AXOR's Glacier-Howser nightmare (Glacier Creek is the west drainage of the pass), a highway or this resort is somewhere north of 90% it seems to me, and has been for at least thirty years…………..


  6. This is probably another wealthy patron of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, that is cashing in on this venture too.

    We lost our BCR to the Liberals. We lost our rivers to the Liberals. We lost our mill industry and our raw logs, because of the BC Liberals. Our resources are sold to foreigners, by the Liberals. Filthy diseased fish farms, killing off the wild Salmon, because of Harper and Campbell's BC Liberals. The HST forced on us, by the BC Liberals and Harper.

    There is nothing left in this province, the BC Liberals haven't thieved and sold. Campbell sold BC out to China. Christy probably sold anything left of BC, to China as well. Fadden of CSIS warned. China is making huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically named. He is exactly right. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, should be tried for treason and jailed for life.


  7. Liberal fans love to use this as an example of government gone wrong. The project has been kicking around for years without being approved. Fact is, though, it's been a bad project for years, undeserving of approval. It's not government that stopped it from proceeding, it's an inappropriate concept pushed forward by people who think they can make it happen because they've got the right people in their pockets. (Right, Mr. Bennett?)


  8. I apologize for my initial comment. I didn't mean the Kootenay project specifically. What I meant was that when these instant municipalities were first announced, most local governments in the province just let it go by, and now the rooster is coming home to roost.


  9. Norm, this may be off topic but I don't know who else to ask. What became of the Premier's last trip to the Far East? There was much publicity when she left, but until I saw her on a news program talking about something other than her trade mission I did not know she was even back in the country. Strange. Not a mention of anything relating to her trip anywhere that I have seen. Do you know what happened? Were any deals signed? Why has the BC Liberal propaganda machine been so quiet on this subject?


  10. People, have a listen to the song by Trooper “Raise a Little Hell”. If you don't like what you see, do somethng about. Don't whine and let situations like Basi & Virk ruin the reputation of our government which makes us poor indeed!


  11. Perhaps, Christy has sold Jumbo to China while she was over there. I think most everything else in BC, has been thieved and sold by the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper has and is playing a big part, in the destruction of BC. Either that or, China and the rest of Asia, just laughed at Christy.


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