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  1. I'd be surprised if the head of any major international organization or head of state pays their fair share of taxes. They've rigged the system in their favour, and still act all high and mighty about it.


  2. As Minister of Finance in the Sarkozy government, she was responsible for ensuring that those best able to afford to pay tax would continue to pay as little as could be arranged without inciting outright revolution. There have been several items in French media of late about how the wealthy of France are moving to Belgium and Switzerland to protect their fortunes lest the socialist rabble get any of what's justly their own. Lagarde is part of the great worldwide Ponzi scheme, demonstrating again that women can be as bad as men when they get into positions of power (cf. also Margaret Thatcher, Christy Clark, Allison Redford). Note: CAN BE! Rather off topic, but you have to wonder what a government of women would look like. I would love a government of thoughtful, generous and hard-working women like my mother was, but the rub is that she would never accept a position of power. She was really big on shared responsibility, which brings us back to Lagarde, who obviously believes (it shows not only in word but in deed) that sharing is someone else's responsibility. Funny that she replaced DSK whose main concern seemed to be finding female companionship (now there's a euphemism) and exercising his diplomatic immunity and collecting a fat stipend, also tax-free, as he worked his way toward a possible Socialist nomination in the recent French presidential election. It's going to be interesting to see if the Hollande government is able to win a majority in the Legislature, and if said government will actually give wealthy French citizens much to worry about. Sorry about being all over the map. Lagarde is one of those people whose smiling countenance makes me want to throw bricks at the television.


  3. She doesn't see herself as part of the problem. She most likely has a high sense of entitlement because of the position she holds.

    She feels free to lecture the Greeks because in her mind she is not doing anything wrong. She came by her contract,in her mind, fair & square. The Greeks, who don't pay tax, in her mind are breaking the law.

    It is true some countries might be in better shape if the citizens paid their taxes but these countries would also be in better shape if corporations & the 1%ers paid their fair share.

    Many who do not pay an equitable amount of taxes see nothing wrong with that because the tax system has permitted them to do so. They are not breaking any law. They are simply taking what they believe is their right, as provided by law.

    In the past 50 yrs there has been a downloading of taxes from corporations to the average wage earner. The people we elected did that but we have to assume responsibility because we voted for those politicians.


  4. It happens everywhere at all levels.
    An adjacent “farmer” also doesn't pay his fair share.

    He rents a few cows for a few months and throws them on his dusty, never seeded, weed-choked field.
    Gets a huge break on his “farm status” property taxes and very low water rates.
    Leaves a sprinkler running in the same position for 48 hours.

    BC Assessment calls that a bona-fide farmer.
    The rest of us pay more because of these people.


  5. Harper gives billions of our tax dollars to, banks, mines, oil and gas corporation and to big business. They also get huge tax reductions. Our tax dollars are thieved, to give to the wealthiest corporations in the world.

    The wealthy don't have to pay their fair share of taxes, that falls on the everyday guy and the poor. The HST was forced onto the BC citizens. The squealing at the trough by the wealthy, was heard right up to the Muir Space Station. The bloody nerve of the BC people, objecting to and fighting the HST. Oh but, the HST was going to give the BC citizens, thousands of good paying jobs. The savings would trickle down to the people, from the savings of the big business. Strangely, big business jacked up their prices even higher.

    Christy refuses to answer why her family's first who, never thought they would have to rely on Food Banks, now find they have to. As do seniors. Did Christy think of her family's first, when she jacked up our heat and hydro? Food costs are also through the roof…no damned excuse for that, in this country, and especially in this province. She has nothing to say about, losing millions in revenue, from people shopping in the U.S. One family saves, $7,000 per year by, shopping across the border. She won't answer regarding, the price gouging in BC.

    Why are we paying these useless politicians outrageous salary's and gold plated pensions, to steal from us? What is Boessenkool doing in BC? No doubt we are paying his outrageous salary too. Why are the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, working for Harper? That other useless twit, who has wasted billions of our tax dollars.

    I think all of Canadians, should have refused to pay their taxes. Let the filthy rich corporations, wealthy businesses, mines, banks, gas and oil corporations, pay them for us, as we have been paying theirs, for decade upon decade.


  6. Bills of Exchange Act section Consumer Purchases. Sign for it. Get back some of our credit. There is no money and only around $60 Billion Bank of Canada notes in circulation. Ya can't pay for anything we just keep adding to the debt using fiat currency at interest of which is never created. Are we ever you know what stupid and deserve what we are experiencing. Play their game. Have a fee for each service you are requested to perform such as filing paper work for income tax, filling out applications and any other service you are requested to perform. I do not consent to being in servitude to a few people who think they have some kind of power. They only have the power we grant them. I have revoked any assumed power they presume to have.


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