Capital punishment, without process

A video was released this week showing the ugly homicide of Vancouver citizen Paul Boyd. If you consider the video offered any new information, reconsider.

This was written almost 18 months ago by David Eby, Executive Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association:

“Shot seven times and crawling, disarmed and bleeding, along Granville Street, Paul Boyd had a final 23 seconds of life before he was shot fatally in the face by a Vancouver Police Department officer. The bullet entered his face, and went into his heart, killing the well-respected animator instantly, and ending a confrontation that was witnessed by more than 50 civilians, one of whom described the August 13, 2007 shooting as an “execution.”

“Boyd’s death has proven meaningless, with no official response to retrain police generally, or at least the shooting officer, no improvement in mental health services, and yet another failure of police self-investigation, with the true details of the shooting only becoming public at the coroner’s inquest two weeks ago, years after the shooting.

“…One of the responding officers didn’t pull his gun, not seeing any threat in front of him that couldn’t be contained with a night stick and other non-lethal weapons. Another officer pulled his gun and started shooting when Boyd didn’t respond to his commands.

“Civilian witnesses who testified at the coroner’s inquest were uniform in agreeing that Boyd was on the ground when he was shot the final time. The witness who described the shooting as an “execution”, Jonathan Menzies, wasn’t called to testify. One police witness agreed with the civilians, saying Boyd was on all fours and disarmed for the final shot. The pathologist supported this version of events, saying the bullet track could only be explained by Boyd being shot from overhead while looking into the sky, crawling on hands and knees, or in a posture where his torso was parallel to the ground, looking up.

“Amazingly, none of the seven shots that hit Boyd before the final shot were immediately fatal, and in fact, the pathologist was of the opinion that Boyd had a reasonable chance of surviving all of the first seven shots. But the last shot, that came after twenty-three seconds of reflection and assessment of the threat by the shooting officer, while Boyd crawled along the ground, was the fatal one…”

This week, Mr. Eby blogs:

“The OPCC had all of the information the video showed, appeared to accept it as accurate, and still couldn’t find any issue with the police officer’s conduct. Now the same conduct shows up on a video, and they can’t wait to have the file re-opened.

“Stan Lowe, Police Complaint Commissioner on March 19, 2012 [Pre-video]: “There does not exist clear, convincing and cogent evidence that establishes on a balance of probabilities that Constable Chipperfield used unnecessary or excessive force during this incident.”

“Rollie Woods, Deputy Police Complaint Commissioner, on March 19, 2012 [Pre-video]: “We are saying there was no misconduct.”

“Stan Lowe, Police Complaint Commissioner, on May 29, 2012 [Post-video]: “I have personally viewed the video and support the decision to re-open the investigation of this tragic incident.”

“There’s no doubt it’s the right decision. But let’s not pretend it’s because there’s all kinds of new information in this video. It’s because the public is paying attention…:

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  1. Shot him in the fricken' face. Shot him in the face. We're not talking about a criminal caught in the act here. We're talking about somebody's son, somebody's brother, somebody's grandson. Shot…in…..the…..face. And the man who did it is not in jail.

    What a sick world we live in.


  2. I don't care or want to even hear how they try to slice and dice this to make me swallow. this was murder in the first degree!
    This man had been shot multiple times dragging himself on his hands and knees, posing'zero'threat to anyone when this officer decided to deliver a fatal shot and end his life.
    I have to quetion what was going on in this officer's mind and must call it for what it is.
    Various time in my life I have questioned how the nazi's could be so brutal to innocents or how genecide can occur and who is capable of that and why? I have no answer to that other than they know there will be no consequence and their superiors will back them. Well this is Canada and we are paying for this to happen to us. We are paying for protection but receiving this. We are paying for the false pretense they keep us safe when the opposite is true,if they would do this to Mr. Boyd they would do that to me.
    if I were to do this I would spend the rest of my days in prison, how is it that this guy doesn't?…?
    To make matters more confusing the cop in uniform could be me but I know I coudn't have pulled that trigger so how could he? Simple answer is I am not a murderer but he is.


  3. For those who believe anything has changed in five years, I encourage you to view page A6 of the Vancouver Sun(June 1, 2012). Read the caption! A “distraught” man requires an armoured vehicle plus the swat team. Boys and their toys! This was purchased by the Vancouver Police Foundation! You're right Norman. It's obvious to this observer that three criteria candidates must meet are : 1: proven mysogonist
    2: life-long bully
    3: power-tripper
    4: not well endowed, therefore 1 thru 3.


  4. The sad and scary part is that this is yet another extremely obvious case that only a video and sustained and escalating public outrage 'may' now set 'right' . . . but it is in these extreme examples that we see all too clearly the mindset and culture of our systems that are bereft of the values and checks and balances that we naively assume make us so much 'better' than third world countries or the Nazis and their supporters in the extremes of WWIi.


  5. It would appear watching this video that the police think that a person shot is shot multiple times and continues to move then they must be a zombie. The police have learned how to deal with zombies by watching TV but who is going to make sure they have training to recognize human beings.


  6. Canada has become a, cesspool of corruption. The police of to-day, are no better than Hitler's Brown Shirts. They have no morals or ethics, what-so-ever. This certainly is the RCMP as well. Their crimes are all swept under the carpet. The corrupt judicial system lets them off, to repeat their crimes. Even caught on tape, they are let off, with a paid years of absence and/or a transfer, to another detachment. It certainly isn't beneath their dignities, to lie and cover up for each other either.

    Our police are, a shameful disgrace to their professions. There are many Canadians, who don't even want the RCMP as an icon for Canada anymore.


  7. what happened to Mr. Boyd is disgusting. I can not imagine what the last minutes of his life must have been like.

    This is not the first time a police officer has killed a citizen for reasons that escape me. There was the case of a man standing on a porch with a knife, the case of a young man arrested in northern b.C. for drinking in public & wound up being shot in a closed room by an RCMP officer. We have seen these things happen time & again. Nothing happens to the shooter & the families of these people live in grief forever.

    Some of those killed had mental illnesses. If our healthcare system dealt with those we might not have these shootings. If the police were better trained in recognizing mental health issues they might call in a shrink instead of a SWAT.

    Killing someone with a knife, it doesn't make sense. If you see someone with a knife & you think he might stab you, back up, some one with a chain, back up.

    I suspect there is a lack of training for police in self defense. I do not expect police officers to get hurt in the lineof duty. However, they should know how to fight & disarm people with non-lethal weapons. I mean really, if the police can't get a chain or knife away from somebody perhaps they could have some one demonstate how its done. Now it maybe they have to find a very old police officer to do that but they used to know how to do that.

    Working out in the gym might make you look real tough & buffed but it doesn't do anything for how to handle yourself.

    And what is wrong with talking to people? You can not expect someone who is mentally distressed to respond to a series of barked orders. They are frightened.

    We need non police oversight on shootings. More screening of potential police officers to see how they respond to stress & closer pyschological inspection of them.


  8. Constable Chipperfield is only part of the problem. There were about six other officers on the scene, just feet away from Paul Boyd. After Chipperfield shot Boyd seven times to his hands and knees what did those other officers do? They stood by and waited the 20-odd seconds for Chipperfield to deliver the coup de grace to Boyd's head.

    It is the fundamental duty of all police officers to protect the public and that holds true when it becomes necessary to protect a wounded suspect from being executed by one of their own. Each of those officers had to know that Boyd was no longer a mortal threat to them, much less to them collectively. Each of those officers had a role in Boyd's killing. Each of those officers is accountable for what happened between himself and Chipperfield and what happened between himself and Boyd. Each of those officers was duty bound to intervene between Boyd and Chipperfield before their fellow officer could fire the death shot.

    Yet it appears that the VPD threw a security blanket over the other cops present, a don't ask/don't tell firewall. And that guarantees that these atrocities will continue.

    Only when officers at a crime scene are held accountable for their conduct and their fellow officers' conduct will this end. Had each of those officers known they would be accountable for failing to prevent Boyd being executed, that their careers and pensions were at stake, Paul Boyd might have survived.

    The internet is full of bystander videos of police executions and beatings and, in virtually every case, there are other officers who do nothing. So long as society condones this the problem will never be stopped.


  9. Let me correct/add to this sentence….We're not talking about a criminal act here. We're talking about somebody's son, somebody's brother, somebody's grandson……….who pulled the trigger and…..shot…shot……shot him the frickin face????!!!!.And NO ONE arrested him.

    The man who did it is not in jail. Sick world.


  10. I think the whole idea of a democratic peaceful society is dead.American idiocy is here,and the false flag 9/11 paranoia has infiltrated our police force giving the real fascists sadist power drunk bastards center stage.We have orrupt leaders who want us to kneel down and obey.If it wasn't for onlookers with cell phone cameras, we'd have no justice at all.I hate the people who run this false democracy. RISE UP!!!!!


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