Examining the status quo

If unlike me, you are not ancient, listen to Simi Sara at CKNW’s audio vault, May 31, 1 pm, to remember how excellent talk radio can be. This is broadcasting that explores why things are the way they are instead of simply excusing the status quo.

Simi talked to Paul Palango, a consistent and accurate RCMP critic over many years. Police leaders have arrived and departed with almost nothing changing but Palango has been consistent and sincere about the need for change and the ways to improve policing.

Today, RCMP honcho Paulson and Justice Minister Toews (doesn’t he look like someone who needs a chauffeur to get home safely) promise reform, admitting that existing processes have not worked. These are the same processes that Palango has exposed again and again as inadequate, while “justice” managers worked to discredit him.

Again, we’re expected to believe that current legislation is inadequate to manage the national police organization. Commissioner Paulson is warning that even more bad news is coming soon.

The people telling us they are powerless to make things better are the ones responsible for legislation that defines the police force.

Strange? Of course.

Dishonest? Of course.

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  1. Simi Sara and Paul Palango is required listening for all politicians as well as all employees of the MSM. Palango has been a voice in the wilderness for years.
    What is required in this country is our equivalent of Britain's Leveson inquiry.
    I believe the relationship s between police, press, and politicians has led to the sense of entitlement all three of these groups have. Sorry H.O. Time to wake up your former colleagues. “Physician, heal thyself”.


  2. The conservatives don't seem to have a problem in “streamlining” the “process” in order to strip worker's rights, ordering them back to work (within a week of issuing 72 hour strike notice) but when it comes to the RCMP, they seem to be paralyzed by confusion and indecision.


  3. The Con's have already relegated themselves to “electoral oblivion”, in the next election. The overt pandering, to business intrests, has “alienated” them from most other Canadians, and they will pay a very high price, at the ballet box. The “stupidity” of the anti-labour based legislation forcing workers to be made pawns, in negotiations between unions and management “assisted by government” ,is nothing short of blatant interferrence, in rights, workers have fought for for more than 50 years. Amazing how they don't seem to get it. We are “all” Canadians.
    The “Cons” have chosen “class warfare” over negotiation and a system of labour-managemnt relations, that has “matured” over the past half century.


  4. I agree with you about Simi Sara. She's very informed and always a pleasure to hear because she asks hard questions but doesn't hector her guests. She lets their reason or their stupidity speak for itself.


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