Message to the Harper government

IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns world risks triple crisis, The Guardian, June 12, 2012

“Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, has warned that the world risks a triple crisis of declining incomes, environmental damage and social unrest unless countries adopt a more sustainable approach to economic growth.

“Ahead of the Rio+20 Earth summit later this month, she said the rich should restrain their demands for higher incomes while there are still 200 million people worldwide looking for a job and poverty is on the rise…”

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  1. If the balance is not restored to the world fiscal structure, there will be a major financial collapse that will make the 2008 mortgage scandal, look like a picnic.


  2. Harper puts his greed, absolutely first. The Canadian people, aren't even on Harper's “radar”.

    Harper is obsessed with the dirty tar sands and the billions he can make by giving the tar sands to Communist China. The Chinese are being brought over to work the tar sands, very cheaply….right down to bringing Chinese cooks. A much larger profit for Harper. Communist China, are bringing swarms over, to build the Enbridge pipeline.

    Harper encourages Canadian citizens to shop in the U.S. The lost billions in revenue, is insignificant, to the utter trillions Harper will have, from merging Canada in with Communist China.

    It blows me away. Harper cares about Harper and the trillions, he can stuff in his coffers. Suddenly, Harper has forgotten all about his denouncing, China's attitude to human rights towards the Chinese people. Harper is just as bad as, Hu Jintao, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. Their personalities are all identical.

    The only thing Harper cares about other country's economy's, is they have enough money to buy his dirty tar oil.

    No decent, sane person with ethics and morals, would ever support a monster like Harper. Money and greed is Harper, and that's all he is. Harper is soulless. He has a, black and barren soul.


  3. Perhaps Ms. L. could start by paying taxes on her income. Her contract currently provides for tax free income.

    there is a huge disparity in incomes & its growing bigger. that, history has demonstrated, usually leads to civil unrest, unless the masses are kept uninformed & entertained. Neither of these two items are currently happening.

    The biggest money saver would be if countries stopped buying armaments & stopped waging war on each other. Now in many places that isn't going to happen. However, the U.S.A. could stop supply helicopters to Afghanistan & stop buying them from Russia. There is a certain irony to that one. All that will happen in Afghanistan is those helicpoters will wind up being used against civilians & western countries who waged war there.

    If countries want to improve the lives of their citizens, pull out of other countries & spend the money at home. Cut tax breaks, etc. to profitable companies, especially ones which are foreign.

    Big business & Stevie Slime don't care about the well being of Canadian citizens. It is all about their bottom line & making profits. Nothing will change that until Harper is removed from office. Until then citizens will have to make the best of things & perhaps notch up the demos, etc. its not that Harper will pay any attention, but it will catch the attention of the rest of the people once Harper sends in police & troops to protect China's interest. Peaceful demonstrations which the police attack are always good to advance a cause. Harper hasn't figured that out & never will. He is from the old might is right crowd.


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