Rafe Mair raises his wise voice

No Souls but Lots of Cash, Rafe Mair, The Tyee, June 25, 2012
– BC’s crucial environmental battles pit citizens against politicians’ love of corporate money.

“Corporations have a legal body but no conscience or soul. They look out for themselves alone and don’t give a rat’s posterior for anything else…

“…Enbridge is embarking on a huge ad campaign to convince British Columbia that pipelines are good for them. Public relations flacks are there to avoid the truth and paint a wonderful image of their client. In Enbridge’s case they will not be telling you that they have an appalling safety record with well over 400 ruptures since 1998, or that ruptures are not risks but realities waiting to happen.

“…What astonishes me, but I suppose shouldn’t, is the shallowness of attitudes by government MLAs and MPs. My MP, a Conservative backbencher, with an eye no doubt on a Cabinet seat, told me that not only should Enbridge get its pipelines, but the more the merrier!

“We the long suffering public have no protection from the agendas of corporations because our governments, federal and provincial, are bought and paid for by industry. There are 3,500 industry lobbyists in Ottawa, all of which are handsomely paid, meaning, of course, that they’re getting the job done.

“Will we neatly fall into cynicism that prompted Oscar Wilde to say “they know the cost of everything but the value of nothing”? …”

The above cartoon included with The Tyee story is by Ingrid Rice. Visit The Cagle Post to view more of her fine topical work.

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  1. Fine work .. There is more and more evidence of honest, scathing observation and critique.. of The Harper Siege of Canada.. Ingrid Rice's work seems much in the fearless vein of a small brilliant sample such as Franke James, Alexandra Morton, Nikiforuk, Chris Keefer, Faria Kamal, Dr. Schindler, Thwap, Michael Harris, Dawg, the Beav, Laila, Sis Sage, 6th Estate, Sask, Emily Dee and the list goes on.. and on ..

    If you can't see a distinct difference between these exemplars and what they have to say.. and to offer our country.. vs Harper's pedantic losers are selling while they sell us all out.. my advice is leave the country ASAP.. Syria welcomes you ..


  2. That's been the strategy of the CPC regularly. Harper and his crew take inspiration from the American right wing. Attack ads, voter suppression, fake appeals to patriotism, veiled racism, etc.

    We knew CPC attack ads were being prepared. Citizens can help offset the damage by providing financial resources to the opposition:

    Let's Fight Back


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