Fraud prevention and recovery

Simi Sara made a worthwhile demand on her CKNW show today.

The British Columbia government should lift the gag orders imposed on Dave Basis and Bob Virk, part of inducements paid the defendants to end the BC Rail trial immediately before former Liberal finance minister Collins was to testify.

The public is not served by those gag orders nor is the cause of good government.

The only people served are BC Liberals and their friends who orchestrated this corrupt sale of public assets.

Some of those same people are involved in designing a deal today to privatize the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. Read Bob Mackin’s website. He’s got the lead on this and other stories that make the corporate media uncomfortable.

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  1. The government is going to do nothing. There is no one to force them to do anything. they have a majority. The RCMP isn't going to investigate, they just signed a new contract. It is doubtful any lieberal mla's will resign from the party, they want their salaries & perks.
    The msmedia will ignore it except for the odd one like Simi Sara.

    This is one of those items which will only get around via emails & bloggers.

    This same crowd will sell/give away the BCLB & BC Ferries before they leave office & no one is going to stop them. There is no mechanism to do so.

    Some one with deep pockets might want to try a private prosecution, but given how many of the jduges are tied to the lieberals, that won't get far either. We just need to accept we live in the most corrupt province in Canada. Given our track record we are starting to make Alabama look good.


  2. BUT there could be Potentially a real pushback against the corruption being perpetuated by the BC LIBERALS. One mud start somewhere… and Ms Simi Sara's proposition is a good place to start. Another is the digging that vanDongen and Alex Tsakumis are undertaking.

    Time to sue the government for our democratic rights.


  3. Jon McComb also made a worthwhile entry today, interviewing Alex Tsakumis, repeating the van Dongen interview etc.

    I thought AGT was articulate and worth hearing. Wonder why he was persona non grata at NW for so long. He outpoints most of the regular guests on the radio station.

    I skipped through Bill Good's show at the Audio Vault. Not a peep from him.


  4. The public is “never” served, by gag orders. They are a “tool” of the corrupt, to deny the public the truth, about the “underhanded corruption” that is the hallmark, of this party and government.

    The public is also “never” served by a mainstream media that is used as a propaganda tool, by a political based 'free enterprise coalition”, breft of any integrity and respect, for our democracy. Their “only” aim is to manipulate the system, for their own ends.

    The sale of public assets must be overturned, and the taxpayers, in the province who “really” own these assets, be compensated for the BC Liberal
    “kleptocratic” regime's, manipulative behavior.

    Jail them all.


  5. I too listened to Mr. McComb interview Mr. Tsakumis – it's well worth listening to. It's the first time I've ever hear Mr. Tsakumis interviewed and I was surprised and favorably impressed by both interviewer and interviewee. Have gotten so used to a steady diet of idiotic pap and spin in this province's mainstream media it was a refreshing change. Hopefully we will see more of this!


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