Time for the corporate media to step up

The first thing you read today should be this piece by Alex G. Tsakumis:


Note: I don’t normally consider The Tyee as part of the corporate media but anyone who offers them financial support should withhold that until The Tyee demonstrates they are not ignoring the evidence Tsakumis is presenting.

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  1. I never miss one of Alex's posts. They never cease to amaze me while showing us the depth of the corruption this government ( ? )is willing to stoop to.


  2. Alex has done a superb job of revealing the information that those who investigated this scandal refused to even acknowledge. If I'm not asking too much, what I would like to know is your best estimate on what this whole corrupt scandal has cost taxpayers. This figure should be splashed all over the media & the opposition needs to remind taxpayers at least once a week on just how much the Liberals have lost i this fiasco. This figure should include not only all the legal costs, there is also something about a 900 million dollar tax amount that we may or may not be accountable for. It should also include the millions that were spent babysitting a lonely piece of rail track. What about the millions lost in business for BC Rail ? Has anyone ever estimated the billions that the Liberals cost taxpayers…. as compared to let's say Fast Ferries ?

    Guy in Victoria


  3. Thanks Norm for your timely reports.
    What will it literally take for some action to happen?
    Walking with a hard copy of the memo to the RCMP, editor's offices or marching with posters? The rage is building for us voters.


  4. Of course she will now cry… Basi is a criminal found guilty and therefore cannot be beleived!
    If that in fact is the case our next question should be…Then how is it the public was made to pay all of his legal fees? Why is she fighting the Auditor General John Doyle through Shirley Bond to keep him from getting access to any information pertaining to that payment of legal fees?
    All of these facts are established in time, she in fact is the one needing to be tried now.
    This without delay must happen.


  5. What about Campbell's first election lie? The BCR wasn't for sale? Campbell thieved and sold the BCR, along with the priceless Real Estate that went with it. That farce of a trial, will be the joke of the century. This is the sleaziest crime, ever known in Canada.

    The media is just a propaganda machine for, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. The media was only too happy, to spread the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, out and out lies and deceit.


  6. Let Van Dogens lawyers begin the task of “prosecuting” these clowns…all of the facts and evidence are going to come out. The rest of the public can chime in and demand a full public judicial enquiry, with the power of testify or jail, and recommendations to Crown counsel for prosecution of any perpetrators. A wider ranging investigation should be conducted into the involvement of “other agencies” that have covered up or not conformed to their mandates of investigation with regard to the obvious criminal intent, of the BC Liberals. The use of “stalling” tactics, freedom of information delays, ministerial interferrence in the judicuary, and the Auditor Generals requests for documents relating to criminal trial “payouts”, is obstruction of justice. Non-disclosure agreements are null and void if used to obstruct justice and prevent alledged crimes from being prosecuted.

    This party and their government are finished. A sitting Premier, it would appear has violated the oath of office and has breached confidentiality,the public trust, and who knows what else. If the integrity of the Legislature and the Crown is to be preserved in this province, the Lt. Govenor, should demand an immeadiate end, to this government's tenure and call an immeadiate election.

    What a mess!


  7. Like Christy Clark has any moral or ethical integrity to speak of…

    – cheated to win the SFU Student Council election
    – tried to steal the nomination for Mayor of Vancouver…luckily her operatives were stopped.
    – stole PIN numbers to win the BC Liberal leadership
    – fingerprints all over the theft of BC Rail

    Christy Clark looks out for one person…herself. Anyone else beware as they'll be thrown under the bus on a moment's notice.


  8. Regarding Tsakumis's post, I'm underwhelmed. I'm sure this will just be explained away as hearsay. (I wish this wasn't the case as I don't like Ms. Clark's brand of governance either.) I think Clark's diary entries that he posted were far more damning.

    In any event, the questions I would like answered are: who leaked the memo to file? (He states that the m.t.f. didn't come from Basi and did not arise from the BC Rail court case.) And why now? (It's interesting that Basi is being threatened in the media with a two million dollar tax bill.)


  9. Simi Sara said it right: Lift the gag orders the BC Gov't imposed on Basi and Virk.

    Additionally, give the Auditor General access to everything. Stop hiding the truth.

    When they fight to keep documents secret, we know damn well the reasons why.


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