Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

The Calgary Herald, usually a loyal Conservative Party supporter, recently editorialized about the RCMP:

“When the RCMP dispatched disgraced Alberta Staff-Sgt. Don Ray to B.C., it was reminiscent of how the Catholic Church dealt with some of its priests. After a “disturbing pattern” of sexual misconduct, in which Ray exposed himself, had sex with subordinates, and kept a liquor cabinet in his crime lab, the RCMP demoted him to sergeant, docked him 10 days’ pay and shipped him to places unknown in B.C. The Catholic Church similarly had a habit of quietly shipping naughty priests to other dioceses…”

The Herald’s July opinion piece then downplays troubles by assuring us that all will be well in the future:

“The RCMP and the Harper government appear to have finally gotten the message that wrist slaps are no longer acceptable.

“…Finally, a commissioner who gets it, and a politician who is willing to do something about it…”

Frankly, there is nothing in recent history that indicates the Calgary Herald is correct, except for the head-in-sand comparison to the Roman Catholic Church. There is much that suggests little or nothing has changed since new Commissioner Bob Paulson took command. The latest was written about in The Province by Sam Cooper:

The Province has learned that this Mountie of 22 years’ experience [an Inspector] was neither dismissed nor demoted by the RCMP in a discipline hearing following a drunk-driving conviction in February 2012. Instead, he was transferred to B.C.

In Rewarding Incompetence from December 2011, I quoted a Globe and Mail piece that included:

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says his mandate is to “clear-cut” problems that have taken root so deeply in the police culture that some Mounties are now embarrassed to tell neighbours where they work…

In Drowsy Canadians take note, written in January, I also quoted from a Montreal Gazette article written by Senator Colin Kenny, Muzzling of RCMP commissioner shows that control is out of control:

“…All governments, however, are at times tempted to circumvent democratic principles when those principles threaten their own grip on power. The Harper government, as many have noted before me, has succumbed to such temptation with unprecedented passion.

“The result is that control is out of control, as it were. Ministers are scripted; committees are neutered; debate is cut off; public servants are muzzled; laws and court edicts are ignored; official watchdogs are fired; bills are adulterated with agenda filling provisions unconnected to their rationale; opposition amendments are dismissed out of hand; provincial premiers are avoided; and the prime minister’s communications-control team grows at a steroidal pace in an era of fiscal restraint.

“…The commissioner of the RCMP has always been a very powerful position, held at arm’s length from government. The reasons are obvious. If a member of a government is alleged to have broken the law, the Mounties are the people called in to investigate. Although funded by the government, the RCMP cannot become the instrument of government…”

Neither of the source articles are available at the originating newspapers, which is unfortunate because the same problems continue, unchanged.

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  1. It seems, BC is the province for degenerates to thrive.

    BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. We have the worst, corrupt RCMP, judges, courts and the most corrupt politicians, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

    We will not forget Harper's part in the corruption, lies and deceit, in BC either. The citizens of BC are forced to contend with Harper's tyranny, as well as the tyranny of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

    All the BC politicians need to get away with their crimes is, a special prosecutor.

    Where else would a morally dead RCMP officer, with no ethics be dumped, other than BC?


  2. It's okay Norm, Christy has already expressed her concern so I'm sure it will be handled.
    ( am I starting to lie like CC ? )
    Guy in Victoria


  3. “Harper's part in the corruption, lies and deceit…”

    Seems everyone's forgotten the Federal Liberals were far from angelic…


  4. Agreed, Liberals are primarily responsible for the roots of RCMP dysfunction. The CPC though dragged their feet and further politicized the police. I wrote this almost 2½ years ago:

    “The effort continues to prevent accountability for wrongdoing in law enforcement, including police involved homicides. Who is responsible? Mostly, Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan and the Harper Government with assistance of the Province of British Columbia.

    The Conservative Party of Canada stands silent, allowing the RCMP leadership to continue its stubborn policy of defensiveness, foot dragging and disinformation. Harper's government disemboweled the watchdog agency that pushed the force to improve performance and accountability. Commissioner Paul Kennedy is dropped. His position remains empty as does that of the Deputy Commissioner. The complaints agency is rudderless, dead in the water, unwanted by its masters.”


  5. Yes you are correct. Right and Righter have ruled Canada for some time now. Time for some lefty injections. We desperately need it.


  6. From an overall perspective, just as an observation, one can see that governance in this country, as a whole, would seem to attract the wrong socio-pathic elements. It appears that each party, organization, group or leader for that matter, attempts to brand their own version of “manipulation of the masses” for their collective agenda's. “Selling, or the “speil” of the party line is crafted and “aimed” at various sectors of the population, to divide and conquer any form of organized “retaliation” by the electorate. We then observe that when the collective electorate, finally see's though the crafted “veneer” of the party in power, they are summarily “turfed” by the electorate as being seen as corrupt, incompetent , and no longer worthy of electorate support.

    Case in point…the federal liberal party, soon to be followed by the Christy Clark-BC liberal “regime”. The “problem” being the “incredible damage”, done by these groups and individuals. Legal, and lawsuit issues not withstanding, the courts overall do not deal with the “malfeasance”, committed by individuals or parties in office, in a way as to ensure that severe consquences are a deterrent.

    No offical body exists in the country to investigate and prosecute this, or any other form of malfeasance within all forms of government, within Canada. This has led to, incredible manipulation of our governments and official agencies, by “others” with their private agenda's. Financial support for these “other groups” makes it possible for them to “install”, and manipulate individuals or parties, and their legislative agenda's, all the while ignoring or down playing, the overall public agenda.

    Case in point…the massive deterioration of public infrastructure across Canada, and the shrinking
    of public service agencies or privatization of same, while key political agenda's by parties in power are funded and “pushed” to the extreme. (Endbridge pipeline, F35 fighters etc.)

    Truly bereft of any form of responisibility or integrity to the electorate, these governments destroy institutions at will , and ensure their own private agenda's achieve funding and completion.

    The result is a divided Canada, a provincial government in BC that is manipulating the Auditor General, our public watch dog, the media, and spinning their “speil” as no other government ever has. All in order to prevent the “truth” from seeing the light of day.

    Your system is corrupt. The malfeasance extreme. Time for a big change, not only in governance but in the “way” we govern. This is not democracy by any means, its Kleptocracy.


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