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What’s the next dump of grungy news?

There’s more bad news coming about the RCMP, including information on unprofessional conduct in the Surrey Six gangland murder investigation. In a May internal memo, Commissioner Bob Paulson warned that several salacious incidents were about to surface. He said,

“Sadly there is a lot to choose from if you want to criticize us.”

As one of the principal players, Paulson was not merely guessing. He’s the guy in charge of doing next to nothing.

We already covered the transfer to BC of disgraced Alberta Staff-Sgt. Don Ray and the unnamed RCMP Inspector who was moved to BC after being neither dismissed nor demoted following a February drunk-driving conviction.

In May, RCMP Sgt. Michael D. Luciak plead guilty in Saskatoon to assaulting his 14-year old daughter.

Thursday, Sun columnist Ian Mulgrew detailed a wretched story involving Coquitlam RCMP Cpl. Jim Brown posing for explicit images with a female shown as a victim of kidnap, knife threats and sexual torture. Keeping in mind Coquitlam RCMP failures in the investigation of serial killer Robert Pickton, we should ask why Brown’s superiors concluded that he offended no code of conduct, a conclusion reconsidered after the story began to circulate in public.

My blogging effort began in 2009, prompted by the RCMP’s attitude — cover-our-asses and admit-no-wrong — after four members killed Robert Dziekanski. Since then, I’ve scanned thousands of pages from expert reports that recommended wholesale changes to the federal police service. Those were usually accompanied by high ranking officials promising that changes have been or will be made.

Ex-Mountie says RCMP is a toxic workplace, Carlito Pablo, Georgia Straight, February 2012

“Workplace problems have been highlighted in reports such as the one prepared by David Brown in 2007. A former head of the Ontario Securities Commission, Brown called for sweeping organizational and cultural changes in the force.

“That same year saw the release of another study regarding the force. In that paper, organizational expert and author Linda Duxbury stated that the current RCMP culture does not support change…

” ‘Police people are hard-driving problem solvers,’ [psychologist Mike] Webster noted. ‘And sometimes they step on each other’s toes, and these conflicts arise naturally. But in the municipal-police world, there’s a process to deal with them. In the RCMP, there’s no process. And these issues just go on and on and on.’ “

The apparent truth is that substantive change will not be made because RCMP management is so dysfunctional it cannot be fixed. Senior officers have little will to change and federal government overseers focus on diverting, deflecting and diminishing problems. The only serious commitment senior management and politicians have is to writing vacuous press releases and congratulating each other at ceremonies.

RCMP officer’s sexually explicit photos on S&M website, Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun, July 6 2012

“An RCMP code-of-conduct inquiry is underway into a Mountie who played a big part in the investigation into serial killer Robert Pickton and appeared on an Internet website posing in sexually explicit torture images reminiscent of the pig-farmer’s crimes.

“In some of the graphic pictures obtained by The Vancouver Sun, Coquitlam Cpl. Jim Brown appears to wear only his regulation-issue Mountie boots and an erection as he wields a huge knife and a bound naked woman cringes in terror…”

According to Mulgrew’s report, Supt. Claude Wilcott still minimizes Brown’s behaviour, saying,

“it’s important to note that they [the images] appear only on an adult site catering to those who seek them out.”

Young men and women hoping to join the RCMP are told:

“You should possess the following values: integrity, honesty, professionalism, compassion, respect and accountability. Our selection process will determine if your personal history, traits and characteristics are suitable for a career in policing.”

We can assume that Cpl. Jim Brown is not required to measure up to those standards.

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  1. Did BC Attorney General Bond know about the RCMP bondage photos before she forced BC Municipalities into a Twenty year deal contract?


  2. Seems to be an organization in disarray. The moral compass is obviously broken, a few bad apples
    can happen anytime, but the consistency of the problems, underscores a far greater malaise.

    A paramilitary heirarchy cannot exist, without discipline and a code of conduct that would have appropriate consequence's, for “abnormal”, behavioral issues. Removal of these individuals would be the logical solution. Reprehensible conduct would not be tolerated in the military, nor should it be tolerated in such a high profile public police service.

    The far greater malaise would be the management culture and its response or lack thereof, in these questions of conduct. Whether the police act itself is being “interpreted” in a “new and enlightened” fashion or parts of ignored altogether, belies a fundamental problem of management responsibility besides the integrity on the part of the members involved, in the issues of misconduct.

    This “hiding” of problems is not an acceptable form of management action, to dealing with the problems as a whole. The systemic management problems of the force go far deeeper. The current “culture of moving or shuffling the problem” and maybe it will go away, or the public will just forget about it, is not a solution.

    Other investigative problems also indicate that “outside influence” may have compromised entire cases, and brought justice into disrepute…(eg., the Surrey Six Trial, Basi/Virk Trial.)

    Management integrity and authority must be restored, to this once revered organization, if it is to survive in some form. Effective recruit screening, psychological profiling and similar testing, must become a recruiting requirement. Discipline as in any military organization, must be just and swift. Perhaps then the moral compass will begin to be restored.


  3. My question to Mr.Paulson…
    If hypothetically, I was away from home and my wife required assistance would you send Mr, Brown to enter my residence? If your answer to me is yes we have a problem!
    You are putting the public at risk and bringing shame to your organization and for what???
    You were aware of his problem two years ago and chose to ignore it???
    This man wears public bought rcmp issue uniform articles to accomplish or induce authority in his acts and you saw nothing wrong???
    There is some explaining to do!!!


  4. we don't know if the boots were RCMP issue.

    You would have thought the officer would have had better judgement but as long as he does his job, then what he does on his private time is his business as long as it does not violate the law.

    My question is, what was the good citizen who reported this doing on the website, if its so offensive or is it offensive only for police.

    The “fetish” website is part of the porn industry which is very well supported here in B.C. There are certainly more than enough XXX rated video stores, massage parlours, etc.

    In my opinion the cop was stupid to put these pictures on video & then on a website, but as usual people can be pretty stupid when it comes to sex. Then again as Trudeau said many yrs ago the state has no business in the bedrooms of the country.


  5. this must lead to the question…should we consider slashing throats or beheadings sexual fetish?
    i personally consider them the sign of a very sick mind, one that has no place in protection of the innocent.


  6. I agree. Just as rape and degradation of women are not as much sexual acts as acts of violent oppression and assault.

    If a man gains satisfaction from thinking about violent abuse of others, he is not a person to be armed and sent onto the streets with all the powers and protections provided to members of a police service.

    David Barlow, director of the Sexuality Research Program at the State University of New York said that if a man has compulsive fantasies of severe sadism, it is a psychological problem more likely “to lead to someone trying to act them out. And that can mean trouble.”


  7. Perhaps RCMP helped the provincial government and a few BC Liberals avoid criminal charges in the BC Rail affair and favours are being repaid. RCMP use this as the dumping grounds.


  8. As an old man I do not get this sexual crap.

    In my day if I fell in love with a woman, and fortunate enough to have that back from she in kind…

    Well we would fall in LOVE and make love, not sex, that is for animals…

    And then to post it on the internet….

    Obviously anyone now is qualified to be a Mountie and ex convicted felons are lining up for the job…

    It pays well and you never go to jail again………

    Like Monopoly get out of Jail card free…


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