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Not only cream rises to the top

Senior RCMP management failed to deal with many harassment complaints and that is costing taxpayers plenty. A class action settlement originally thought to involve 500 victims and a cost of $100 million, may now include 4,000 female employees. The final cost will be substantial.

RCMP should not stand for Secret State Police

The CEO of Tides Canada issued a copy of his recent letter to RCMP Commissioner Paulson. If anyone doubted the once iconic police agency had become servant to rich industrialists and governing politicians, uncertainty was removed by its decision that a mostly foreign-owned industry needed protection from legitimate discussion of public policy by Canadians. There is an irony involved in the RCMP suggestion that a respected organization staffed and supported by people aiming to preserve the livable space of our nation is allied with extremist criminality.

To understand the RCMP: Re-sergeance.net

I’m sure you remember me. I just couldn’t resist a response to your disappointing interview of 20/11/12 that you did while in Vancouver. I won’t try to pass myself off as one of those experts you referred to that pop out of cakes, but I did complete basic police training at Depot, have been associated with the Force in operational, instructional, and clinical roles for 35 plus years, and most importantly, I listen carefully when your members speak to me…

Rewarding incompetence

William Elliott was the first civilian Commissioner of the RCMP. An immutable failure while heading Canada’s once esteemed police agency, Elliott departed recently. Like disgraced predecessor Giuliano Zaccardelli, this man with little […]