RCMP should not stand for Secret State Police

The CEO of Tides Canada issued a copy of his recent letter to RCMP Commissioner Paulson. If anyone doubted the once iconic police agency had become servant to rich industrialists and governing politicians, uncertainty was removed by its decision that a mostly foreign-owned industry needed protection from legitimate discussion of public policy by Canadians.

There is an irony involved in the RCMP suggestion that a respected organization staffed and supported by people aiming to preserve the livable space of our nation is allied with extremist criminality. In fact, there are no examples of Tides involvement in unlawful conduct. However, the RCMP has been involved in many crimes, including theft, fraud, arson, assault, homicide and more.

When the Harper Government appointed Paulson, many, including serving members, hoped the new Commissioner would be a change from the misguided and incompetent leaders who preceded him. Instead, he has been an even unprincipled disaster, more loyal to government masters that any colleague. The cop who was supposed to be a master of purpose, principle and process understands little of those elements.

It is worth repeating Ross McMillan’s letter to Commissioner Paulson:

The recently leaked January 2014 RCMP report, “Criminal Threats to the Canadian Petroleum Industry,” incorrectly names Tides Canada as a part of an “anti-Canadian petroleum movement” involving violent extremist and criminal activity. The report also minimizes the threat posed by climate change and questions the link between greenhouse gas emissions and the continued use of fossil fuels. The report is based on patently false and biased information. We have registered our concerns with RCMP Commissioner Paulson in the following letter from Tides Canada President & CEO Ross McMillan.

February 26, 2015

Mr. Robert Paulson
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCMP National Headquarters
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2

Dear Commissioner:

I am writing to you regarding the recently leaked RCMP report, “Criminal Threats to the Canadian Petroleum Industry,” that named Tides Canada as part of an organized movement that opposes the petroleum industry. I wish to express our grave concern that the RCMP would produce a document asserting that Tides Canada, a respected Canadian charity, is associated with a movement involving violent extremist and criminal activity.

For the record, Tides Canada has not taken a stand against the petroleum industry. Our organization’s overarching position relating to climate and energy issues is that the country needs to transition to a low-carbon future while meeting our commitments to address climate change. We also believe that all voices should be involved in related public policy dialogue.

Tides Canada, in its 15-year history, has earned a reputation for building bridges between and among sectors to address complex environmental and social problems. Our ability to bring together diverse voices to develop durable solutions that support the environmental, social, and economic well-being of Canadians is at the heart of our success as a charity. We have a proven track record of working collaboratively with all stakeholders – including all levels of government – and building consensus on environmental and social issues of importance to Canadians.

The RCMP report leads the reader to a very different, and wholly erroneous, perception of Tides Canada. It uses biased and patently wrong information to make its case. The report’s broad brush and false depiction of Tides Canada as a key player in a nefarious movement is demeaning to your organization and a disservice to Canadians and the truth.

Could you please provide me with an explanation of how the RCMP produced a document with assertions about Tides Canada so biased and false?

I would welcome the opportunity at any time to discuss with the RCMP Tides Canada’s work.


Ross McMillan
President and CEO


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  1. Norm, like many of our vintage, there was a good long stretch during which I genuinely respected and admired the RCMP. Bit by bit that has been eroded, beginning with the Quebec barn burnings. It cratered beginning with Zaccardelli and with his successors, first the Tory backroom operator, Bill Elliott, and now with Paulson. Perhaps there's a natural tendency for a state police force to morph into a partisan political security agency, a Stasi sort of outfit that treats the citizenry as suspects while it pursues the interests of an authoritarian government and its pet special interests. Surely the prime duty of any commissioner is to steer the force well clear of these instincts, something that Zaccardelli, Elliott and Paulson have completely neglected.

    I no longer have confidence that the RCMP can be reformed, put back into service of the Canadian people. This nail is too bent to be straightened. It's time to abolish the RCMP and replace it with provincial police forces.

    My personal RCMP atrocity story. An officer serving in the Vancouver detachment was arrested and charged with having sex with underage hookers. Pending trial this officer was transferred to our small town detachment. The first we heard about it was when he was convicted and sent to prison. We had a pedophile cop in our midst for many months and were left none the wiser.

    Then there's the murder of Ian Bush and the execution of Robert Dziekanski. Enough.

    Let's set up a British Columbia Provincial Police and allow mounties with clean records up to corporal rank to join. Sergeants and above can look to Ottawa for their needs.


  2. Something wrong with the picture.

    About the Toronto G-20:

    “According to an early estimate by The Globe and Mail, 25,000 uniformed police officers, 1,000 security guards, and several Canadian military forces were to be deployed during the summit.[17] The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) conducted Amalgam Virgo exercises on May 6 and 7 across the Greater Toronto Area using CF-18 Hornet jets, CH-124 Sea Kings, and CH-146 Griffon helicopters at low altitudes.[18] The total cost for security at both the G8 and the G-20 summits was determined to be $1.8 billion,[19] paid entirely by the federal Crown-in-Council, excluding the costs of any possible damage to local business.”


    $1.2 billion for CSIS spy palace:


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  3. The RCMP is a totally failed organization. Bob Paulson is a sleaze of the first order as were his two predecessors. When he was married, just after being appointed Commissioner, and was caught using on duty officers as a color guard than forced to pay the costs incurred was the second tip off for me. The first was his skin head haircut meant to intimidate those around him.

    And we can't forget the spying on of Tommy Douglas, information of which is still being fought over in the courts to this day.

    The Mound Of Sound has it right, get rid of the RCMP they can't be fixed.



  4. For those interested, The Walrus magazine issue December 2014 has under the section of “Justice”, a very relevent article called Armed and Dangerous (How mission creep is turning our copes into warriors) written by John Lorinc and discusses what one police force has established what it calls their military liaison unit, or MLU, in order to establish “interoperability” between the military and police forces.

    I am not someone who is anti-police as my family has had a proud tradition of membership in the NWMP/RCMP going back to the very start of the Northwest Mounted Police being established. I just find it very frightening that this history is rapidly being destroyed in order to serve the purposes of a group of politicians who think war is wonderful and sending our young men and women (except their own, of course) off into some godforsaken backward country to be nothing more than cannon fodder and calling them heroes when they leave but treating them as just a bunch of deadbeats when they come home needing mental physical and mental assistance.


  5. Well said, the criminal and harassment accusations are too systemic now. Replace the RCMP with provincial police and weed out the bad elements.


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