Not only cream rises to the top

The item below was published in July 2009. It was not the last time that Tim Korman was in the news. Details follow the original story.

Six weeks after a sexual harassment complaint was dismissed due to procedural errors, the RCMP officer at the centre of the issue was promoted.

Sgt. Tim Korman is currently stationed in Rosthern, Sask., but four years ago when he was a corporal in the Buffalo Narrows detachment he was accused of sexually harassing an officer under his supervision.

An investigation determined the allegation was well-founded, but a discipline process related to the complaint was terminated because the Saskatchewan commander at the time, Darrell McFadyen, botched the paperwork.

The rest of the story from CBC.


Saskatchewan Mountie suspended for inappropriate behaviour, Canadian Press, June 19, 2014:

The commander of a northern Saskatchewan RCMP detachment has been removed from his post while the force investigates what it describes as inappropriate workplace behaviour.
Sgt. Craig Cleary says the staff sergeant in Meadow Lake was suspended with pay June 10.
…Cleary confirms it is the same Mountie who faced allegations in 2009.
Cpl. Tim Korman was accused of sexually harassing a female subordinate, but an RCMP review panel said in March 2009 it had no choice but to reject the complaint because the case took too long to be heard. A top Mountie in Saskatchewan also missed by one month the deadline to file the necessary paperwork needed to deal with the complaint…

Allegations against retiring RCMP commander won’t be heard, CTV Saskatoon, October 17, 2016:

Accusations of inappropriate workplace behaviour against a Meadow Lake RCMP commander won’t be tested following news the staff sergeant is retiring.
An internal RCMP hearing scheduled for next month to deal with allegations against Staff Sgt. Tim Korman, who is currently on medical leave, was recently cancelled because Korman is planning to retire before the hearing takes place. The allegations — he’s facing a total of five internal complaints — won’t be heard…

I know that most RCMP officers are fine public servants but the willingness of police management to defend and protect members whose behaviour is indefensible hurts the entire law enforcement profession.

It also hurts taxpayers.

Senior RCMP management failed to deal with many harassment complaints and that is costing taxpayers plenty. A class action settlement originally thought to involve 500 victims and a cost of $100 million, may now include 4,000 female employees. The final cost will be substantial.

The RCMP Commissioner Paulson apologized to victims, including the brave officers who led court action that resulted in the Merlo Davidson Settlement.

0 merlo davison 475

Unfortunately, according to Canadian Press:

…both Merlo and Davidson said they have begun to doubt his sincerity in light of recent damning reports about harassment in the force.
“Not only are they not changing, but they lack the will and ability to change,” Merlo said. “Hopefully, this court order will be what makes them change.”

Commissioner Paulson was replaced in 2017. On the way out, he demonstrated his low regard for Canadian taxpayers.

The new RCMP chief is Brenda Lucki but she faces a monumental task to alter a firmly established culture. Support for her by the federal government is doubtful since ministers and bureaucrats have promised change before now but done litgtle more than issue press releases.

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  1. “Changing a culture is a large-scale undertaking, and eventually all of the organizational tools for changing minds will need to be put in play. Let’s not forget that organizational culture is like an iceberg with most of its weight and bulk below the surface.”


    On June 25, 2018 the RCMP Commissioner issued this statement:


    Here is the partial text of an e-mail that was shared amongst some ex-RCMP members:

    “It is hard to believe that I was once a member of this same outfit. I was so proud of the fact that I was in the RCMP. What has happened to the Force?? Oh……. I think I might know and it has a lot to do with people like the present and newly appointed Commissioner of the Force. SHE has no idea what actual police work is all about. We all know why she has been appointed Commissioner. It is not because of the good police work she ever did or the knowledge she has. Years ago we had real policeman who took pride in doing a good job. We were dedicated to the Force, we were conscientious and we were all proud of the policing service that we supplied to our respective communities. The public responded in kind to the way we provided that service also. I am offended and upset that LUCKI has decided to take it upon herself to apologize for the way I did police work. Where does she get the nerve to say “It is very clear to me that the RCMP could have done better.” I am incensed that she is making an apology ON MY BEHALF for my service. She can take her apology and “stick it where the monkey stuck the fig”. What a joke!!! One last thing……..I want to know how many investigations and enquiries we have to have and how many times we have to apologize for the “missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls”. What about the other women that have gone missing and were murdered during this same period of time. I guess they just are lost in the shuffle. If there was any possibility of solving these missing and murdered investigations they would have been brought to a successful conclusion long ago because in those days we had people with the necessary skills to conduct proper investigations. I am tired of it all. What a sad day!!!!!

    Now you can read the so called “Apology” below I am sure that it will make your day as it has mine.”

    It’s going to take a while…


  2. Had the RCMP been unionized when the rest of the federal government and other police forces were, we might not have been in this position to day. Officers would have had a clear method of dealing with issues. RCMP officers have always been exempt from laws which covered other workers in the federal government.

    The RCMP was established along military lines and nothing has changed. Poulson was part of the problem. He was an officer here in B.C. and not much changed while he was in charge here or any where else.

    Politicians of all parties were also complicit. they knew or ought to have know. Most likely they didn’t want to know because once you know there is a problem a reasonable response would have been to deal with it. No one ever did. Women weren’t wanted in the RCMP and no one ever cared about it. When we wonder how serial killers of women operate so long in some places, well have a look at who is policing in the area. The cops can’t even treat female officers with any dignity so how do you think they respond to other women. Hello Picton and his farm. When you consider Gallifore was being harassed by her boss, you can see why it took so long for the cops to deal with any of it, in my opinion.

    if the government, and therefore us the tax payers, have to pay all these law suits, perhaps some of these commanders and harassers ought to be required to also pay.

    Even as late as last year harassment complaints were being filed in the Comox Valley RCMP detachment. Not until this year was it decided to give the commander a “promotion” to Victoria, dealing with traffic.

    My suggestion, any commander of a detachment found to have on going harassment in their command, is suspended without pay, following of course a disciplinary hearing. No more promotions for bad behaviour. end of career mobility. no supervising anything more than paper.

    The RCMP ought to be held to at least the same standard as other police forces. time to get rid of the harassers, their supporters, their commanding officers who permit the condition to exist/


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