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Square the circle

Here’s an extract from a Sean Holman interview of Rich Coleman, British Columbia’s former Minister of Most Everything Involving Cash.

Rich Coleman flatly says to Mr. Holman that every file in government generates multiple pieces of correspondence.

Now, think back to all those times that researchers and journalists used Freedom of Information to request documents and were told there was nothing.

In the early days of Christy Clark’s administration, Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham reported the percentage of replies to FOI requests arte 175that stated “no responsive records”  had doubled in four years.

As Arte Johson would say, “Very interesting.”

RossK at The Gazetteer reminded us of the Holman video in comments following his piece, A Local Journalist Actually Asks Rich Coleman Why He Helped Shut Down The Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team.

In view of discussions about Liberal Government’s facilitation of money laundering, it’s worth five minutes to view.

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  1. Suitable attire for Rich. Is parking ones conscience attainable for everyone? It can be quite valuable in the wrong hands.


  2. .. somebody informed, needs to sketch out a simplistic description and/or related graphic, mapping the privatization of taxpayer owned assets, the distribution of control of said asset & to whom, then the related ‘sweetheart’ deals re the related lands & to whom, then the payback via political donorship $.. Then how the cycle repeats itself. Theere are other ways to turn the tap of political donorship $$ .. Presumably the casino scandals, or timberlands giveaways, salmon farming, LNG & dilbit pipeline development. So many ways to get ones hands on the public purse and get dirtbag rich


  3. Just a reminder to everyone this upstanding member of our community is a former member of the RCMP and as pointed out by Bob Mackin, so were Amrik Virk and Mike Morris, two other Clark cabinet ministers. What a lovely little law ‘n’ order threesome.

    Mr. Horgan, Mr. Eby, do the right thing.


  4. There is a very shameful trend in BC politics.
    The politicians that choose greed over doing what is best British Columbia will be remembered for their behaviour. Their family name and those with grandkids, will live with a sense of guilt. The NDP should learn from Liberal mistakes so they won’t be repeating them.
    Who wants to be related to Rich Coleman, Christy Clark or Gordon Campbell?
    117 BC Liberal Falsehoods, Boondoggles and Scandals: The Complete List | The Tyee


  5. Art; “Their family name and those with grandkids, will live with a sense of guilt.”
    I doubt that very much. They are all set up to enjoy the spoils and the bulk of the population is to busy doing nothing to care.

    Merv Adey, please RIP.


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