Cameron Ward on RCMP, Picton and Oppal Inquiry

RCMP officer Jim Brown is a sexual sadist-so what’s the big deal? Cameron Ward, July 6, 2012

“…Willy Pickton didn’t kill up to 49 women by himself, not according to the jury who convicted him of six counts of second degree murder. The women whose remains were found at the pig farm were likely the victims of a group of sexual sadists and torturers, who likely included convicted murderer Willy Pickton himself.

“…Was Cpl. Jim Brown one of the sexual sadists frequenting Piggy’s Palace? …Were the RCMP monitoring the gang activities, including the Angels’ visits to Piggy’s Palace? Why did the RCMP seemingly ignore a ten year string of serial murders? …How many murderers remain at large?

“All of these questions should have been answered by the just-concluded Missing Women Commission of Inquiry. We tried our best to pry the lid off and get the evidence out, but our attempts to have Cpl. Brown, Ross Caldwell, Bev Hyacinthe and David Pickton testify (among others) were rejected, as were our attempts to get access to the records of the Organized Crime Agency of BC that would reveal the nature and extent of police surveillance and gang infiltration activities involving Piggy’s Palace.

“The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry is patently incomplete. Now it has been revealed that the Coquitlam RCMP had a sexual sadist in their ranks who was sufficiently connected to the Picktons to produce a key informant, someone who tipped the police what Willy Pickton was up to three years before he was arrested. The Commission hearings must be re-opened. If it does not re-open the hearings, it will be perpetuating a police cover-up of the circumstances surrounding Canada’s worst serial killing case…”


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  1. Brava for Cameron to make this move.There has been much ado about something with this investigation and the RCMP.There has long been talk of Beaver Lake and an area north of Horseshoe Bay in respect to the investigation,along with many officers,judges and others in law enforcement that looked the other way. The Highway of Tears is not that far…. Violet.


  2. I lived in Port Coquitlam before and during most the investigation. There were rumors at the time that many local politicians did attend those parties at piggy's palace. There were rumors also that the hells angles frequented those parties as well. I heard all these rumors long before the arrest of Willy Picton.


  3. A re-opening of the enquiry? Surely you jest. It is not going to happen. The “enquiry” which was held, was restricted in scope & was simply a “show case” to demonstrate the police had done nothing wrong. It wasn't meant to bring out the truth.

    I personally have never believed Pickton operated on his own. He was most likely a participant but that is it. Pickton denys killing the women, maybe that is true, he recruited them but didn't do the actually killing. We will never know.

    When women started disappearing I thought it could be the actions of one killer but as time went by & more women disappeared & the police did nothing I was convinced there was more to it and the police weren't too interested in finding out what was going on. To them & the establishment these women weren't worth the effort.

    We can see the differance between how the DTES women's disappearances & rapes were dealt with, when you watched the news regarding the rape of a young woman in her home. Total coverage, RCMP Inspector at news conferance, etc. The north vancouver case got all the bells & whistles as it should but so should the women who don't live in North Vancouver.

    We still don't know what is going on, on the highway of tears & I don't see much happening. I doubt I will ever be old enough to see the resolution of the cases.

    I don't know if women were killed for video's or simply men's entertainment out on the farm, but if I live to be an old person maybe the truth will come out & we will know who was all involved.

    What I do find interesting is the Pickton case, that he was arrested following a new RCMP officer, took Pickton up on his offer to search the premises. I suspect Pickton never thought the officer would do it.

    The case in norther B.C. where a young woman was murdered, the alledged offender was arrested by two new RCMP officers when they saw his truck coming out of an area vehicles wouldn't usually be. As a result they found the murdered young woman & the guy was charged with two additional murders of women. In both cases it was new RCMP officers who got things going. that makes me wonder what really was going on & what role the longer term officers were doing?

    I personally don't care if the RCMP officer appeared naked in boots. He just looks funny on the news. Porn is a billion $ a yr business, just in B.C. Its going to happen. As long as he does his job, its his private business. Of course he might want to ensure he stays off the web or just keep B.C. beautiful & keep your cloths on.

    Mr. Ward has tried his best to bring issues to light but I don't think he will live long enough or be old enough to know the total truth or see it brought to light, even if he lives to a 100, which I do hope he does. The man has continued to work on behalf of women, who few would have.


  4. The mandate of the Missing Women's Inquiry is a provincial matter and because of this the RCMP(federal agency) only had to submit evidence on a voluntary basis. Crime Watch volunteers under the direction of the RCMP monitored vehicles(recording license plates and entering them into a computer data base) coming and going on the road to the Pickton farm on a regular basis starting in 1993. When the RCMP submitted their voluntary evidence to the Commission of Inquiry there was no mention what so ever that this surveillance took place and as a matter of fact no mention of Crime Watch's involvement. The computers and data base were provided to Crime Watch volunteers by the RCMP and ICBC.
    Cameron Ward has tried his best to fight for the truth but Wally Oppal has refused to hear any testimony or evidence that links organized crime to the inquiry. The Commission of Inquiry has been nothing but a white wash and has clearly failed Canadians. Visit Cameron Ward's site and see what he has to say about the proceedings. http://www.cameronward.com/category/Opinion/


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