BC Hydro

Would we vote for someone who promised to:

  • “Protect BC Hydro and all of its core assets, including dams, reservoirs and power lines under public ownership.”
  • “Restore an independent BC Utilities Commission, to re-regulate BC Hydro’s electricity rates.”
  • “Pass a Living Rivers Act to protect and improve BC’s river systems with scientifically-based standards for watershed management, enhancements to fish habitat, and a 10-year program to correct past damage.”
  • “Adopt a scientifically-based, principled approach to environmental management that ensures sustainability, accountability and responsibility.”

Well, we did. And, they didn’t.

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  1. Would we vote for someone who promised….

    uh…yeah (he says sheepishly) and look where it got me

    I hold every member of that team and their compliant media personally responsible…probably the most wool pulled over my eyes ever. I stand by the personally responsible comment…and would say that no matter the party name or publication they operate under.


  2. There must be some way we can hold them accountable for the things they say to get elected,otherwise the lieing will just continue.That pension looks realy good and to some of these people that is the only thing that matters,look at all of the sheep that sit on their hands and go along with everything our current priemier says just like they did with Gordo


  3. Sounds like Harper on Parliament Hill. He was the chuckle of the month. He is sending, a rather strange lot to the Ukraine. This is to make sure, the election in the Ukraine is democratic and fair. M.P's laughed and said. Harper cheated to win his own election, with the robo-calls. There was nothing democratic nor fair, about Canada's own election. It was dirtied and tainted by fraud.

    Gordon Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too. The BCR was not for sale. The HST wasn't on his radar.

    In Canada, deceiving, lies, dirty tactics, dirty politics, corrupt politicians and cheating to win, are permitted. The more corrupt the politician, the bigger the reward. Just ask Gordon Campbell.

    Does anyone know? Campbell said, the BC people would have mega bucks in their pockets. Campbell promised, all of this money was to come from big business because of the, HST that Campbell and Harper forced upon us. Big business lied to us too, as we knew they would. Big business jacked up their prices even higher.

    Harper gives giant corporations, billions of our tax dollars, plus huge tax reductions as well. They still line up at the trough, and squeal for more money. They are bottomless pits of greed.


  4. You omitted the following promise:
    “You shouldn’t have to pay higher than necessary electricity or auto insurance rates, because government wants to play politics with BC Hydro or ICBC”
    This is a lie that even Goebbels would have been proud of because the impacts of “self-sufficiency”, intermittent power at premium prices (IPPP for short), smart meters and dubious deferral practices will all combine to leave a lasting legacy of rate increases long after the next election.


  5. Let's see…misrepresentation, breach of trust, breach of confidentiality, malfeasance, deceit, potential outright fraud, corruption, lies, and a host of other “traits', currently define “politics” here and B.C. and in Ottawa.

    The younger generation, see's it for what it is…a group of “well heeled”' people trying to rip off the rest of us, whatever the cost.

    We the people of Canada, have to become more involved in our system of governance. “Organized crime” is alive and well in politic's in this country. The Quebec Anti-Corruption Commission has already confirmed that. What needs to be done, closer to home in B.C.,is the establishment of the same sort of “political oversight”, independent, and non-aligned, a made in B.C. Anti-Corruption Commission, with the powers necessary, to deal with the current malaise, in B.C. Politics.

    For those of you that think, that this is too much, I say to you that circumstance has made this a necessity. The ballooning of the B.C. debt under the B.C. Liberals, BC Rail, HST scandals, and who know's what other “skeletons”, lurk in the back halls, of the legislature, all “prove” that our system is corrupt.

    The political “operatives” are no longer to be trusted, with governance. An oversight body with powers, to ensure that any form of malfeasance or kleptocracy will be prosecuted in the extreme, must be created.

    Politicians, and political parties simply put, cannot “police” themselves.

    The answer is obvious, failure to initate this form of oversight, will only lead to more of the same nonsense, that we have seen. Perhaps worse.


  6. I guess that trading the BC Rail for a stadium roof is a sign of good fiscal management?
    I guess that allocating the price of a stadium roof (+/- $500K) to four lane the Trans-Canada “from Kamloops to the Alberta border” – 250 km of 4 lane highway or $2,000/km or $500/km lane (That's SO outlandish that there HAS to be something wrong with my math!) is a sign of sound fiscal management; or wizardry. Heck, the 3 km east of Monte Creek cost $15,000,000 alone.
    Oh, I get it! They'll bring in foreign workers to build it. Worked for the CPR didn't it?
    John's Aghast!


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