Nice work, if you can get it

Mark Blucher was appointed interim president and CEO of ICBC in October 2012. He fits the insurance company’s culture of bloated entitlement quite nicely.

Blucher joined the company in August 2010 and in the first 17 months of employment, his personal expenses amounted to $159,090, an average of $9,358 per month.

Blucher’s salary in 2010 averaged $18,750 per month. In 2011, it averaged $26,125 per month, an increase of 39%. That was before his appointment as interim CEO.

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  1. Sorry BC can't afford this…what a crock! Nonsense is the word to describe this. An entire “culture” created to ripoff taxpayer's!
    The whole question of a bloated Kleptocracy must be addressed. In the US, states are declaring or ready to declare bankruptcy over just this type of crap. Pension plans and labour contracts being torn up along with massive cuts to local and state government employee's. At this rate we are next. I resent that my taxpayer dollars are being used, to fund such a bloated bureaucracy. Start building some jails on Baffin island… we need to get the clowns that have orchestrated this nonsense, behind bars….


  2. Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberals, began Grand Larceny. They Thieved and sold BC, right down to an empty shell. The BC Liberals, also work for Harper. So of course, Campbell sold our resources out to China too. Campbell also lied and cheated to win his elections as well. Harper wanted BC totally dismantled. That's why the thefts, outrageous salary's. $1 million salary for the CEO of BC Ferries. There are all of the gold plated pensions. Campbell thieved a, $60,000 per year salary hike. Campbell thieved $778 million from ICBC. There is absolutely nothing in BC, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals didn't thieve. There are even bonuses given, for cheating the people out of the services, we pay through the nose for. The stupidity of the stupid smart meters. The theft and sale of our BC Rivers, totally destroying our BC hydro.

    Christy and her BC Liberals, work for Harper, just as Campbell does. Christy has made her deal with China too. Chrisy's ad says. BC leads the way in job creation. However, Christy forgot to mention, all the jobs are for the Chinese, not for the people of BC. Terry Lake said. The BC Liberals, are keeping their doors wide open for Communist China.

    So, if BC has a lick of sense?? We would get the hell out of Harper's Canada. If we don't take our province back, get back some of what was thieved from us, this province will cease to exist. BC will just be used as a, conduit for China to take our resources, transport their goods in. Pipe bursts, tanker spills won't matter. The money will just keep pouring in for, the dirty tar sand gangsters.


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