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Restraint is only for the little people

The fiscal year ended March 2012 was a good year in the executive suite of this BC public agency. These are averages of the five highest paid executives of that oganization.

One VP has been a rising star!

Oh, Bryan Thomson, yours only went up by $344,400 in five years. Those two other guys got almost twice as much.

Of course, more is coming soon about this operation.

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  1. Not that I'm suggesting a huge increase for the (unqualified) premier… but how is it that public servants can be making so much more than the top boss of the province?

    Norm has already shown that Washington State pays their top managers far less — so how can it be said that we have to pay top dollar to attract the best? Why don't we pay just a “little” bit more?


  2. Value for dollar? I really doubt it. Political appointments, friends, associates, paybacks etc, etc. This trough “feeding frenzy”, has to stop. These people are not worth the money by a long shot. There are fully qualified individuals who work for far less, in industry and in other government jurisdictions. Oversight by an outside and impartial outside agency is required by government, “especially” here in B.C. Kleptocracy runs wild when it has the unfettered freedom, to do whatever it likes. This type of “malfeasance” must be reigned in, and the monies gone after and returned. The taxpayers are going broke and the defecit growing, by leaps and bounds. Enough already!


  3. Pay top dollar for the best???????? The best what? Liars and bullshitters,I'm sure we could find them just about anywhere for half the money or less!!!!!!!!!


  4. Campbell is the one who began Grand Larceny BC. He thieved and sold all of BC's assets. He also sold our resources out to China too.

    Campbell gave his useless self a, $60,000 per year salary hike. Campbell said, he had to pay top dollar to get the best. Best of what? Thieves, liars and corruption? Paying incentive bonuses, to cheat the people of the services, we pay through the nose for? Giving $1 million in salary, to the CEO of BC Ferries? Outrageous salary's and gold plated pensions, for Campbell and his henchmen. Thieving and corruptly selling our BCR? AND, the priceless Real Estate, that went with the BCR? Thieving and selling our rivers, to totally destroy our BC hydro. Rivers Campbell's buddies put asinine hydro dams in them? Campbell works for Harper. Dismantling BC was Campbell and Harper's full, number one intention. The best thing for BC to do, is to get the hell out of Harper's Canada. If we don't take our province back, and try to undo some of the corruption and thefts, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper have done to BC. We can write BC totally off, for China to take.

    No-one is going to tell me, Campbell and Harper aren't Traitors. Selling BC and Canada out to Communist China, is High Treason.


  5. “Giving $1 million in salary, to the CEO of BC Ferries”?
    Well to use “the best and the brightest” analogy, let us consider this.
    We (you and I) are paying the new CEO of B.C Ferries Services HALF a million dollars annually 50% of what Mr. Hahn pocketed.
    So, what does this mean?
    There are only 2 possible answers.
    1. He is only HALF as bright as Mr. Hahn.
    2. He will only work until the end of June, which works out to HALF of the year.
    Take your pick, there are no other choices.



  6. 3rd one:
    He is still overpaid even he is TWICE as bright as Mr. Hahn! Why not hire the Washington State Ferry Captain who has a proven record showing he IS twice as capable Mr. Hahn. And don't hand me the bullshit that the cost of living is higher here.


  7. I'm not only Aghast, I'm Thoroughly Disgusted! We could hire a fleet of 'normal' capable business people for a fraction of this. How do I know? Because I did it for 40 years with one of BC's more successful construction companies.
    Its one thing to vote these blood-sucking incompetents out of office, but how do you get rid of the spawn that they've recruited?
    Will the NDP?
    John's Aghast


  8. Paramedics who have had zero's in 7 out of the last 9 years, are being asked to take a pay cut. I guess the government does not think they do anything of value.


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