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Conservatives use truthiness liberally

For people who care about Canadian veterans, truthiness of the Conservative government is cringeworthy. Harper’s crowd claims to be:

…unwavering in our devotion to making sure that Canadian veterans not only have the best resources available to them while they’re active, but that they have the support they need once they’ve transitioned to civilian life.

That’s not fact, it’s truthiness.

I published here in 2009 about the Stephen Colbert concept:

Politicians rely on truthiness. They are expert in deception, distraction and obfuscation. They go before the public scripted and rehearsed, carefully coiffed and strictly supervised. Parties don’t want original thought, they want talking points memorized to be repeated without change. Ethics and honesty are nothing; loyalty and tractability are everything.

Lies indicate cowardice. Politicians readily make easy statements but bite their tongues about hard truths. Individuals cast aside long held principles and go along to get along with party leaders and omnipresent apparatchiks. Veracity is so commonly avoided that public office seekers grow comfortable with lying…

In veterans affairs, Conservatives focus spending on photo-op events for politicians. They lavished $28 million on advertising, recreations and presentations to celebrate the War of 1812 but they routinely refuse burial costs for indigent veterans.

Thomas Walkom of The Toronto Star wrote Ottawa glorifies veterans — as long as they don’t cost anything:

Canada’s Conservative government is big on the symbolism of war.

…This government may glorify war in the abstract. But it does not want to pay the price of war — or indeed much of anything else — in the here and now.

…Disabled veterans had to take Ottawa to court once to stop it clawing back portions of their pensions. Now a separate group of vets is suing the government over another pension issue.

…Stephen Harper’s government spent $750,000 in legal fees fighting its own vets and conceded defeat only after the judge ruled Ottawa’s clawbacks blatantly unfair.

…In 2010, Patrick Stogran, at the time official ombudsman for veterans, slammed the government for its efforts to stiff those wounded in battle.

The government responded by refusing to renew Stogran’s appointment…

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  1. It's a disgrace. Thankfully I came to my senses and when the opportunity came leave I did with haste. These CONServatives should spend a day in a war zone


  2. We have always been proud of our military. We remember our fallen and the Veterans of every war. Every time I think, Harper can't go any lower, he does. He sends our kids and grandkids to war, and then kicks them in the face. I remember the anger at Harper's gall?? Going to Holland for their Remembrance of our Canadian boys, the Canada they love so much and still do.

    During WW11. Our young Canadian boys were shot and blown into fragments. They fought so we wouldn't have Communism, Fascism nor, Dictatorship in our Canada. Believe you me, Harper is not worth their dying for. Harper is everything, we were taught to despise.

    Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Harper, have identical personalities. They all, lied, deceived, were corrupt, thieved, used dirty tactics, dirty politics and they all cheated to win. All of them were paranoid, obsessed with control. All of them used degenerates and criminals, to do their dirty work for them. Sound familiar?

    Harper and his CommieCons, FasciCons or, whatever in the hell they are. Have been named, Traitors to Canada. Selling our country to Communist China, is High Treason. Those are my own, personal beliefs. Although others have said the same.

    As you know Ron S. Harper is far too great a coward, to be in a fire fight. Harper is very much, a behind your back type of coward. Harper cowers behind his own platoon. They take the bullets, the flak and, do all the dirty work for him.

    What offends our, Canadian Veterans young or old, offends us. They come first, over everything else. Many of us would do without something, for their care. That they damned well deserve, from Harper.

    I certainly hope. Harper and his Cons are banned, from our Remembrance Day Services. They have no right to be there. Mind you, I think Harper is too much of a coward to show his face. I believe he arranged his trip, to make certain he wouldn't be there.


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