Clark, Christy

BC Liberal truthiness

We face 26 weeks of taxpayer paid pre-election advertising promoting the BC Liberals. They’ll be using “facts” like this one, broadcast on Global TV November 9:

“We’re ensuring British Columbians have the skills they need to be first in line for jobs.”

October 16, CKNW’s Sean Leslie reported:

“Premier Christy Clark is playing down a controversy over mining jobs in BC going to Chinese workers.

“Clark says the 200 Chinese miners are just doing exploratory work…”

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  1. Yeah, right Christie, right. And we should believe you because ………………?

    And PLEASE, quit wasting our money on your phoney, untruthful ads. You and yours are disgusting.


  2. training so B.C. workers are first in line????????????They should be the only ones in line!

    It is time the federal & provincial governments stop granting employers the right to bring in “temp. foreign workers” for what is essentially permanent work. We have enough unemployed in Canada as it is. The only reason companies want to import workers is so they can be paid less, have no benefits & be shipped home if they are injured.

    Just another example of the racist attitudes of politicians. You can pay Asian workers less than Canadian workers. Not nice. Kind of like good old Lord Dunsmuir when his company mined coal in B.C.


  3. Again, BC Libs provide an answer that fails to exonerate them, it implicates them in behaviour even more egregious.

    Yes, BC workers should be the only people standing in line for BC jobs.

    Also, importing foreign workers to do mining exploration work is just as bad, maybe worse, as importing foreign working to do mineral production work.


  4. “Clark says the 200 Chinese miners are just doing exploratory work…”

    Just exploratory work! That's akin to saying, Christy Clark is just doing “Premier” work – right? Afterall, she's been “imported” so to speak since she certainly wasn't elected – right?

    What a sham!


  5. and now by purchasing a logging company on Vancouver Island the Chinese corporation will own 8% of all land on Vancouver Island. Now just how did this happen? Oh, ya, making jobs available????

    Canada needs to start regulating who can own land in Canada or will wake up one morning & find out other nations have purchased some of our best land.


  6. Christy Clark, is a g.d. liar. Murray River is going to court, to have China's miners removed. Christy Clark also knows, Chinese workers only need to know, 100 English words to take our BC mining jobs away from BC citizens. We knew China was sending their people to school to learn English, way back in thieving, be-essing, Gordon Campbell's reign of terror. All of this was all plotted between Harper and Campbell. There isn't anyone who doesn't know, the BC Liberals stooge for Harper. Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, will steal your eyes for Communist China, and then come back for the sockets. Christy Clark was also, traitor Campbell's Deputy Premier, when he thieved and sold the BCR. None of the BC Ministers even tried to stop, any of Campbell's terrible abuses and crimes against the BC people.

    Ghana is detaining China's miners because, China is mining illegally.

    In South Africa, China is cheating their people out of their pay.

    Every country where China owns resources, they cheat the people.

    Communist China has no right on our Canadian soil, what-so-ever. Treason Harper and Treason Christy, have no morals nor ethics what-so-ever, either. They don't come any lower, than that mob of gangsters.


  7. Our own politicians selling us out…subversion from within, wake up people,
    its your country. Start demanding that we stop selling out our resources and our future, for the sake of making a few people wealthy. The rest of us are going broke!


  8. It always amazes me how this government works. They show no shame even though their statements demand it. How on earth can they square the two statements between our workers and those attempting–although quite feebly–to defend the importation of Chinese workers, for anything???

    Astounding. Nice post.


  9. It seems to me that if these Chinese workers are doing “just exploratory work” they wouldn't need a long list of qualifications for that type of work. It puts the lie to China's excuse that they couldn't find any qualified BC workers. What complete rot!
    I'm wondering if the Harper government's second look at this will change anything.
    Thanks for the post, Norm.


  10. Crissy said BC workers would be first in line but she didn't differentiate between welfare and unemployment line. Liebrals care less which one they are either.


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