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A caution for Canada’s Conservative Party

Six CPC members of Parliament may be deposed if the Federal Court accepts allegations of widespread voter suppression during the May 2011 election. This action, to be heard in December, is separate from the investigation of misconduct by Elections Canada. The CPC faces what one pundit calls “high-stakes drama” but the worst case outcome is not likely to threaten Stephen Harper’s immediate hold on power.

However, the Conservatives, having adopted American style dirty politics, should prepare for a taste of retribution like that dished out by targeted voters in the 2012 U.S. election.

On Election Day, Republicans Suffered Consequences of Voter Suppression Strategy, Huffington Post, November 13, 2013:

Republican lawmakers and conservative activists undertook a concerted effort to keep minorities, students and those with lower or fixed incomes (including many of our seniors) from voting.”

…Yet the untold story of the 2012 election is not the efforts of lawyers or activists, but the unyielding determination of everyday ordinary citizens determined to cast their ballots.

…When the dust settled, the very groups targeted for suppression and intimidation had voted in record numbers…

In a similar vein, Andrew Cohen, contributing editor at The Atlantic and legal analyst for 60 Minutes, said this,

Americans don’t like it when their right to vote is threatened. The very people whose votes the Republicans sought to suppress came out to vote. In places like Akron and Orlando and Denver and Milwaukee, they came. They waited in long lines and endured the indignities of poll workers. Yet they were not cowed. Today is their day. A day when they can look at one another and appreciate that they are truly a part of the history of civil rights in this country…


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  1. If Stevie and the boys lose these seats, then they are getting close to losing their majority. And if a few BC Conservatives then find their yarbles, it could be game over for the Harperite majority. And that would mean the end of the line for Stevie.


  2. Sure, it is a distinct possibility. If the back bench barking seals discover their yarbles and stand up for their constituents, then the end of the Harperite majority will be a reality.


  3. Back bench barking seals rarely find anything that resembles their yarbles simply because they are not equipped with them.

    Back bench barking seals only discover what they are directed to discover.

    Stand up for their constituents? Someone is dreaming in technicolour.


  4. If this comes to fruition, it would be lovely to see a bunch of the suppressed backbenchers decide to sit as independents and bring down this government.

    We've seen the dark side of Sinister Stevie Harper….and we don't like it!


  5. Canadians do not like having their rights to vote, threatened either. This current Prime Minister will be done, after the next election. Simply too many “twist's” to their form of democracy. Canadians do not like it. Integrity, responsibility and consistency, used to be hallmarks of all democracies, everywhere. With the manipulation and subversive behaviors, of governments since the Regan era in the states, decmocracies everywhere have begun to assault their electorate's with a “new and improved, do it our way, we know whats best for you” attitude. We get it… and see it for what it is…Big Business and Big Money, attempting to subvert the will of all elecotrates, while manipulating the system, for their own ends. Governments become puppets to Big Money…enough of this crap, time to stop it. The question is, how and at the same time, exact the appropriate consequences, for engaging in this form of malfeasance in the first place. The game is up…time to change it.


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