Campbell’s wasted weekend with willy-wagglers

One-percenters making changes. Anonymous reader provides interesting links in the comment section after a shuffling of deck chairs among Bilder-burglars. It’s also worth bringing to the top because Paul Fraser has been in the news lately since his treatment of the Conflict Commissioner job as a do-nothing honorary position was challenged successfully.

The following was first published here in June 2010:

Chris Delaney asked BC Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser to investigate Premier Campbell’s use of public funds for airfares to attend very private Bilderberg Group meetings in Spain. Fraser said he will not conduct an inquiry and, in fact, he said, he has no powers even to investigate the expense of $16,803.

However, with logic understandable only in the political world, Fraser was still able to determine, without investigating, that Campbell did not act in a private capacity. His was an official capacity, representing the British Columbia Government.

Now, I would never argue with an esteemed and very high priced lawyer like Mr. Fraser. However, I do suggest he review his government web pages, particularly the part that says:

[A] role of the Commissioner is to undertake investigations and inquiries…

Fraser might also ask the Bilderberg boys to change their official announcement of the conference. It reads, in part:

…all participants attend Bilderberg in a private and not an official capacity.

However, I’m not suggesting any of us get too exercised about a Bilderberg conference. This plaything of the rich and powerful is an excuse to get together at opulent inns for exotic grub and wobbly pop. The Guardian newspaper calls it a weekend break for the global elite and you can read more below. We should be glad they didn’t charge us a billion dollars for security as they did for that gathering of the rich and famous in Toronto.

Times Colonist scribbler Les Leyne opened his backpack and crayoned a note of praise for Gordon Campbell.

Campbell’s invitation [to Bilderberg 2010] is a tribute to his reputation — at least in places other than B.C.

Leyne passed along the Premier’s explanation of why he was invited to the conference:

…we are leading the pack in Canada and everyone expects us to be a major leading economy and province as we move into the 21st century.

Leading the pack? The only one that Campbell leads is a pack of liars and deceivers. Remember our item from a few days ago where we reported that, rather than leading,

British Columbia employment growth ranks ninth out of ten provinces during May 2010. On year over year performance in job creation, BC ranks fifth.

Leyne, of course, never challenges any assertion by The Boss but the trepid reporter is tough enough to duel with unnamed truth tellers.  He makes claims about reactions he found on the Internet regarding the Bilderberg Conference:

So naturally, it’s a focus for conspiracy theorists who see SECRET CABALS directing events from BEHIND THE SCENES. They see POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK, forces so powerful that some bloggers have to use all capital letters to express how profound the influence is.

Of course, Leyne cannot be bothered to give any useful information about the gathering, its significance or, frankly, its near complete lack of significance.  Had Leyne read Iain Hollingshead in the The Telegraph, he would have learned this and more:

It is difficult to think of anything less real – or indeed less happening. The reality of these conferences appears to boil down to a group of willy-waggling old men comparing their security details and dreaming of past glories.

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  1. Problem is, there are not enough dogs, for all the fleas. People like Leyne, are not taken seriously by the people. They just tend to raise the contempt level of the lackeys, to a higher contempt ratio. Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, have become, objects of ridicule. Some of us bet on the outcome, of Herr Campbell's decree's, I am proud to say, I have won considerable bets. They are pathetically easy to see through.


  2. ” the trepid reporter ” Thanks Norm for that assessment. A little kinder that I would be, but still a great description of a small town reporter with no backbone to tell it the way it is.
    Guy in Victoria


  3. 'Fraser said he will not conduct an inquiry and, in fact, has no powers even to investigate the expense of $16,803.”

    So the next step is to sue Fraser for failing to carry out his public duty.


  4. On the other hand, has Fraser ever found ONE, just ONE liberal mla or anointed lackey to be in a conflict of interest? Ever? I didn't think so.


  5. But, look at the budget he has to find nothing. Actually, I had sort of intended to write about the paucity of opinions produced by Fraser's office but they will simply answer that most of their work is consultative, preventing difficulty. Apparently our public servants need to be kept organized when it comes to ethics. My grandmother always thought honesty and ethical behavior was a personal responsibility and that people who sought ways to twist their fundamental standards were dishonest at heart.


  6. So the Conflict of Interest Commissioner did not investigate, will not investigate but still managed to judge Campbell is not in conflict.

    The guy is brilliant, has mind reading powers, or just knows who signs his paycheck.

    Another freaking disgrace that will get little media attention – certainly not on Globall – and Gordo will just grin as he sits typing out his job application for, perhaps, the World Bank.

    Once again the people of BC get the middle finger from an unelected bureaucrat.


  7. The problem for BC people is, there is corruption from, the top of the food chain, right down to the bottom. How could a two day trip cost, over $16.000. That is out and out theft. That is more than many citizens in BC, have to live on, for an entire year. Ida Chongs $6.000 expense for her fine dining, is more than many families have to spend on groceries, also for a year. It is Campbell's corruption and theft, that has destroyed BC. The corrupt sale of the BCR. Stealing our BC's rivers, and selling them privately, is putting our hydro up to 55% more. The Conflict of Interest, is just as corrupt as Campbell is. BC is a vast cavern of corruption. The two honest and good people of BC Elections. Campbell got rid of, so he put in one of his butt kissers, who is willing to do his dirty work for him. It is required, to be as corrupt and evil as Campbell is, to be on his team. Anyone decent and honest, Campbell has to get rid of, because those people are not willing to lie and cover-up for Campbell's crimes. Campbell picks people, who are weak and easy to manipulate. However, Fraser of, the Conflict of Interest, may also be under threat of losing his job, if he doesn't sell his soul, to the devil Campbell. We know that's not the first time, we have seen that. We also have Hochstein of ICBA, who also is doing Campbell's dirty work as well. Some of the ICBA members, were not aware of Hochsteins treachery. If push comes to shove, Campbell will, deny any knowledge, of those peoples actions. Campbell won't hesitate to cut those peoples throats, the same way he did to Basi and Virk. Can this BC Liberal government, be any dirtier?


  8. This is off topic but…
    Mark Carney, newly minted head of Bank of England
    – stipend one Million dollars per annum to turn around British banking system

    Mr. Hahn, BC Ferries
    – stipend one Million dollars per annum to run BC Ferries ineffectively
    Doesn't quite equate does it??


  9. Didn't Mike McDonald return to the political fray as the preem's right hand after Campbell's last foray back to BC? Maybe we should be paying some attention to the changes made in government right after his “visits”. He's still running the joint, just from farther away.


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