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“The only good farmland is former farmland” – John Les, BC LibCon

John Les made an appearance with Sean Leslie on Liberal house radio Saturday and explained that party leadership had to impose a candidate on the Abbotsford-South riding association because a majority of its members were about to select a nominee of their own choice.

Allowing ordinary members to select a candidate for election would be an unacceptable reversal of BC Liberal tradition. It is the plutocrats that control the party, not its members. According to Les:

…there was an annual general meeting in that riding and Moe Gill and his people moved in and basically threw out the entire executive and, um, replaced it with people whose sole objective apparently was to put Moe Gill in place as the nominee. Ah, they didn’t do a candidate search, ah, any, or any kind of democratic process. They didn’t raise any money, they didn’t do any election preparedness. Ah, so, ah, obviously that led to some concern and, um, so, ah…

Moe and his people were at work for some time to try and corner the, the ah, nomination in Abbotsford South and, you know, that also is not a democratic way of going about things….

And hopefully, after a wide open and democratic process…

Andrew MacLeod wrote in The Tyee that

Chilliwack officials were encouraged to see municipal and provincial laws as mere guidelines while John Les was mayor, according to a special prosecutor’s report released today.

Apparently, party constitutions are also mere guidelines.

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  1. Isn't that the way it is, with the BC Liberals? When they know they can't win, they cheat.

    Gordon Campbell twice cheated to win his elections. The BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on his radar.

    These days in Canada. The more corrupt the politician, the bigger their reward.


  2. If he was stammering on a pro-BC Christy show, that says a lot about the “truth” he was spinning. Remember: there is no “i” in L_es.


  3. Ah…democracy. What a concept, except when we tell you, what your going to do…run along now, we'll take over, and do what we like.

    This current bunch of clown's in office, you know exactly who you are, are about to get a severe reality check..starting with the conflict of intrest hearing by commissioner Gerrard. This will be followed by the full blown judicial enquiry into BC Rail, by the next incoming government, which won't be you people.

    About time. We, the people of this province want justice, for the malfeasance and deceit, along with the manipulation of our province, for your own benefit. Those days are over. One can only hope that reputations left in shambles, and perhaps a few jail sentences, will be the consequence of your actions. Politically as a party, you are done. We are wise to the crap, you people have used on the rest of us. Many folks are now educated to these methods, and we will be watching.

    Perhaps a way can be found to sue the party and members, who after all, voted to enact their policies in governance. Does that make you responsible as individuals?…good question, time for some answers. There has to be some form of accountability at the party or executive level, ensuring that the Taxpayer has recourse against political kleptocracy. As I have stated before, you people cannot “police” yourselves.


  4. “Perhaps a way can be found to sue the party and members, who after all, voted to enact their policies in governance.”

    Now you're talking my language, cha-ching!!!!!


  5. If I had donated to that riding in support of Mr Gill I'd be very upset with the outcome. I'd probably ask for my donation back and if they didn't comply, then what? Sue them?


  6. Take the time to Tsakumis's report on this, and share it often and loud. BC has always been a political mess, but this is now past obscene.


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