BC Liberals

Not meaning what was said nor saying what was meant

Box of secrets revealed to Mike de Jong

In the opening cluster of advertisements on today’s Global TV noon news, a message from the Liberal Government:

“BC is stable and growing. We`re balancing budget by controlling spending…”

Global News Headline:

“A look at the books for the second quarter reveals a less than rosy picture…”

Global News Top Story

“BC`s projected deficit is close to $1.5 billion and growing…”

Watch for a continuing round of substantial salary increases among senior bureaucrats in the next few months. Additionally, government is preparing large severance agreements for top paid employees and Order-in-Council appointments. Regular government programs may be subject to restraints but that policy does not affect the executive suites.

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  1. Natural gas and other resource revenues down by almost half a billion dollars. Does that mean that prices have dropped?

    Why then, is Fortis promising to raise my rates for natural gas?


  2. I don't know Norman, I sometime also prefer to live in a delusional state over the real world. Clearly De Jong does as well.


  3. Every time i see a picture of Mike DingDong I'm reminded of the movie
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels where Michael Caine played a sleazy con man.
    DingDong looks almost exactly like Caine, the only thing missing is the gold tooth and the slicked back hair, and of course the Liebrel government is the epitome of dirty and rotten scoundrels.

    Selling off BC Hydro is about the only way these morons will balance the budget.



  4. Liberals and their private power friends have advanced too far already in looting BC Hydro. With perhaps sixty or seventy billion committed for future energy purchases, energy that may be worth far less, BC Hydro is of questionable value.


  5. I am not so sure, if those energy contracts, will stand up in court, between the IPP's and BC Hydro. One would think the the next “incoming” government, will be reviewing any and all contracts that the current government has negaotiated and make decisions based on the overall “public benefit”. Whether or not the contracts are binding will have to be decided in the courts.

    Not to mention the perceived “optic's” of the Fortis argument raised by Les, in his post. The whole “rape and pillage” thing of Energy in this province, as orchestrated by the Fiberals, has to be reviewd. Simply not in the “public intrest”.

    Energy issues have been dealt with, by serving governments before and probably will be again. Alberta's energy fight in the 80's under Lougheed's conservatives..a perfect example. Though between governments, it could have been between governments and business as well.


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